Investors from Poland are expected to inject RUB 9.5bn into a greenhouse facility close to Bryansk. An investment agreement to this effect was signed today by Poland’s Lingaine and the government of the Bryansk region at the 4th Slavic International Economic Forum in Bryansk, the region’s economic development department reported today.

“Construction of the new greenhouse complex will start before the year-end,” the economic development department added.

The greenhouse complex project is expected to take four years to complete. The 10 hectares of greenhouses planned as the first stage of the project are to be commissioned in 2016, with the total greenhouse area projected to reach 1000 hectares. The project will create over 1,000 jobs. The Bryansk facility will be almost 5 times as large as a similar Poland-based operation run by Lingaine.

Greenhouses will be growing tomatoes and cucumbers year-round. Bryansk was selected from a number of Russian regions for its favorable climatic conditions. The yearly yield is expected at no less than 50 kg of vegetables per 1 cubic meter of greenhouse territory, which exceeds average yield across Europe.

The project has been granted a conveniently situated land plot at the junction of the Bryansk-Smolensk and Moscow-Kiev highways, which will facilitate the logistics. Regional authorities are to provide the infrastructure and grant investors a tax holiday period.

Four years ago, Lingaine built a high-end vegetable growing facility in Poland supplying tomatoes across Europe. Vegetables grown at the projected Bryansk enterprise will be distributed in Russia.

27 August 2015
TASS Russian News Agency
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