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New production lines of Atria Russia (Pit-Product LLC) will be launched on August 25 in Gorelovo (Lomonosov District, Greenstate industrial park).

Two workshops of the company were set up in 2014 and 2015. Equipment for production of ready cooled pizzas, sausages, and cut deli meat was installed in a new production area of over 2.4 thousand square meters. The total amount of investments in the project amounted to about 400 million rubles. 45 additional new jobs were created at the plant.

An agreement is planned to be signed at the event for providing the investor with government support of investment activities in the Leningrad Region. According to the document, the company will receive tax benefits as regards payments to the regional budget, namely: it gets exempt from corporate property tax and its corporate profit tax is reduced to 13.5%. Depending on the amount of investments, benefits will be applicable for 4 years.

23 August 2015
6.0 mln
Jobs: 45
Leningrad region

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Atria Plc


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Contact: Juha Gröhn, General Director

The Atria group (Atria Plc) is an international company producing foodstuffs. Its headquarters is located in Helsinki (Finland). The Group’s history began over one hundred years ago and several farmer cooperatives, the oldest of which was founded in 1903, continue to be its major shareholders.

At present, the Group’s operates in the fields such as production of meat, semi-finished products and other foodstuffs, animal breeding, fast food services, and others. The Atria Group is one of the foodstuff leaders in Scandinavian countries and the Baltic area as well as a major foreign meat processing company operating in the Russian market.