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The Russian-Swiss company Fischer Spindle Technology has been established in Novosibirsk with 50% of its investment controlled by the Swiss industrial group Fischer Precise, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of spindles, the Novosibirsk mayor’s office said in a statement.

A spindle is a shaft with a device used to secure a work piece (blank part) in the chuck of a lathe or cutting tool on different types of machines.

The Novosibirsk enterprise for now only handles the restoration of components. It is used by Russian plants that require the maintenance of spindle units since these are the most vulnerable components of the machine.

Over its five years of operation, the plant has expanded its space, increased personnel numbers and reached turnover of RUB 200 million per year.

“The cost of a spindle ranges from EUR 30,000 to EUR 200,000 and they are in demand. It’s three times cheaper for an enterprise to have professional work performed in Novosibirsk. The service life of a spindle unit repaired by us in which the worn out and vulnerable components are replaced will be like new,” LLC Fischer Spindle Technology Executive Board Chairman Yuri Yakovets said.

Yakovets said the company is ready to manufacture spindles in Russia. It is currently working with JSC Stankoprom, an integrator in the Russian machine-building industry, received support from its Swiss partner and is ready to start implementing the project as soon as an order is placed.

26 July 2015
Novosibirsk region

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Fischer Precise Group, which was founded in 1939, holds leading global positions in the engineering, development, production, sale and maintenance of high-speed spindles and spindle systems. Fischer Precise Group manufactures a wide range of products: Fischer, Precise and Fortuna.