The press service of the Ministry of Investments and Innovations of the Moscow region reports that German company WILO SE producing energy-saving water supply pumps plans to make investments in automation of its production facility in the Moscow region.

21 June 2018
RIA Novosti

On Friday, the Government of the Moscow Region represented by Governor Andrey Vorobyov, signed a tripartite contract with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade represented by Minister Denis Manturov and the investor – Jens Osmo Dallendoerfer, the General Director of WILO RUS, LLC, as reported by a correspondent of the RIA News in the Moscow Region (RIAMO).

13 October 2017

The WILO RUS company, a subsidiary of the German WILO SE, plans to achieve an 85% localization of their production in Russia, as Jens Dallendoerfer, the Company’s General Director, told journalists.

16 May 2017

AtthebeginningofApril 2015, themanagementof the international concernWILO SE, the world’s leading producer of pumps and pumping equipment, visited Russia on business. The main purpose of the visit was to meet representatives of the Noginsk District Administration and inspect a construction site for a futureWiloplant at the Noginsk technopark (Noginsk District, Moscow Region).

The meeting with representatives of the District’s Administration discussed future co-operation, creation of new jobs or investment in development of the District, as well as the current economic and political situation and its impact on implementation of the project. In addition, Karsten Krumm, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WILOSE, and Tomas Kubbe, Senior Vice-President of WILOSE responsible for sales in the EMEA region (Europe, MiddleEast, Africa), monitored the course of construction and talked about matters relating to the main project implementation stages. Theareaofover 21 000 sq.m. will accommodate office buildings, a training building, a service centre, test basin and a production and logistics complex. The frames of the office building and storage facilities are already ready, a deep pit has been dug out for the test basin and work has been launched on installing the roof.

“The new production complex will include a Technology Centre with a 12 m-deep test stand. Production willbebasedon 100% adaptationof the latest world technologies to Russia: that is why such a serious testing facility has been created. The test division will be open for all our partners and clients, particularly for representatives of water services companies. Training classes and a large service zone for conducting highly professional repairs are also envisaged”, notes Jens Dallendoerfer, General Director of LLC WILO RUS.

The plant will produce pumping equipment for many countries of the former CIS: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others, with production volumes reaching 80,000 units of pumping equipment per annum by 2020. The new plant is expected to create 400 new jobs for the District, above all for engineers specialising in various fields.

Opening of the new WILO production site will broaden the horizons for the process of pumping equipment production localisation and support the import-substitution strategy by involving Russian manufacturers in producing components for pumping equipment assembly. The plan is to launch the plant in the first quarter of 2016. It will be certified in accordance with the “green” construction standards.

Let us recall that the foundation stone laying ceremony was held in September 2013. The future plant will be Wilo’s second largest production site in Europe. Inaddition, thegivenprojectistheconcern’sbiggestinvestmentproject for the last several years, involving investment in the order of EUR 35 m.

23 April 2015
St. Petersburg

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Wilo SE is a global manufacturer of pump equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Its head office is located in Dortmund. WILO was founded in 1872 under the name ‘Messingwarenfabrik Louis Opländer Maschinenbau’.