Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc.

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Investor profile

Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc.


Company's website:

T: +66 (0) 2625 8000

Public company


Contact: Mr. Adirek Sripratak, CEO

Charoen Pokphand Foods is one of the largest producers, processors and exporters of meat in South-East Asia and one of the world’s leading manufacturer of animal feed. The company manages a number of animal feed plants and produces feed for poultry, swine, shrimp, fish, as well as home pets (cats and dogs), not only in Thailand, but also in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan, USA and Vietnam.

CPFoods in the world

The company was founded in Thailand in 1921.

The company owns fields, feed plants, processing plants, retail food chains and fast-food restaurants.

Today, CPFoods invests in 13 countries of the world, including Russia. It sells its products in over 40 countries worldwide with annual turnover of some $14 bln.


CPFoods in russia

CPFoods opened its Russian branch office in the town of Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region, in 2006 (Limited Liability Company Charoen Pokphand Foods (Foreign Investments), or LLC CPFO). Its core businesses include agricultural manufacture (animal feed, production of live weight swine and meat, import of meat feedstock and branded meat products).

Animal Feeds

Modern animal feed plant produces complete feed for all stages of nutrition of farm livestock. Subject to corporate requirements, only high-quality feedstock of mostly Russian origin is employed in the production process.

Poultry feed

  • young chicken (0–17 weeks)
  • laying chicken
  • broiler chicken
  • turkey (1–16 weeks, 16 weeks and older)

Swine feed

  • breeding sows (pregnant, lactating)
  • hilts
  • young pigs: pre-starter, starter, weaning, fattening

Cattle feed

  • calves (0–3 months)
  • calves (3–6 months)
Swine breeding

One of the goals for CPFoods in Russia is the development and investment support of the agricultural sector through new construction and modernization of existing pig farms in the Russian Federation.

Moscow Region

In 2010, CPFoods finished construction of a fattening pig farm for 20,800 animals and a multiplying farm for 2,400 animals, where the company imported a parent flock from Finland.

In December 2014, CPFoods subsidiary in Russia completed an investment project in Serebryano-Prudsky Area that involved construction of a weaning and fattening pig farm capable of holding 26,400 animals at once. In September 2014, the company finished construction of a multiplying farm for 2,400 breeding sows. Both facilities are equipped with advanced high-tech systems.

Kaluga Region

The company is also actively engaged in business in Kaluga Region: it has built two leading-edge pig farms (multiplying farm and fattening farm) and is currently finishing construction of a third farming enterprise.

Lipetsk Region

In Lipetsk Region, the company has successfully completed construction of a pig-fattening farm for 7,000 animals and a multiplying farm for 1,200 breeding sows.

Kursk Region

CPFoods contributed to the development of agricultural sector of Kursk Region by building two state-of-the-art fattening farms for 20,000 animals and a multiplying farm for 2,400 animals.

Pork foods

CPFoods Russia sells pork meat, chilled and deep-frozen pork sides and large cuts via different distribution channels.

Slaughter services are provided by partner companies in various regions of Russia.

CPFoods Russia became an exclusive vendor of Thai pork in Russia in 2014.