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Japanese-Russian plant producing glycyrrhizic acid from the licorice root will be built up in Krasnoyarsk district of Astrakhan Region by the end of the year, as the press office of the Regional Government informs TASS. Its launch is planned for 2016.

“The Japanese Company "Cokey Systems Co. Ltd" confirms its plans concerning this plant. The project is export-oriented, so the ruble depreciation raised its efficiency for the investor”, as they noted in the press-office.

The project has been carried out since 2014, and in Talnikovy village a land plot, 8.5 ha, is rented. The plant is being built of quickly-erected structures. Technical documentation for utilities connection for the future facility is obtained. Along with that the raw material base is arranged: management of the project rented and sub-rented several land plots in Narimanovsky and Krasnoyarsk districts of the region.

Eduard Yaksybayev, the Head of Finance and Economic Department of Krasnoyarsk District Government, informed earlier that the plant would be launched in 2016. Expected investments are about RUB 65 mln. The plant can provide for 50 permanent and 100 season workplaces.

The facility output is 230 ton glycyrrhizic acid a year. It is a raw material for over 1200 kinds of drugs. This product can be used by pharmaceutical companies, and facilities from food and beverage industry.

"Cokey Systems Co., Ltd" is an affiliate of "Cokey Co., Ltd", situated in Tokyo /Japan/, and specialized on licorice root processing and glycyrrhizic acid production from it.

08 November 2015

A Japanese-Russian plant that will produce glycyrrhizic acid from licorice roots is to open in the Astrakhan Region in 2016. Total investment will amount to approximately RUB 65 million, Eduard Yaksybayev, the head of the financial and economic department of the Krasnoyarsky District Administration where the plant is to be built, told TASS today.

“At present, the land plot has been fenced off, work has been conducted for water supply and construction has begun on the underground phase. This year production buildings will be built and the launch if planned for 2016,” Yaksybayev said. The plant will have capacity of 230 tons of glycyrrhizic acid per year. It will have 50 employees and up to 100 seasonal jobs.

“The consumers of such products may not only be pharmaceutical companies, but also the food industry as well as soft drink manufacturers. For example, this acid is a raw material for the production of more than 1,200 types of medicines,” Yaksybayev said.

Licorice is a perennial herb whose roots contain glycyrrhizin acid. It is used as a food sweetener and is also a component in various drugs. It has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulatory effect and helps the body fight stress.

01 July 2015
1.1 mln
Jobs: 50
Astrakhan region

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Cokey Systems Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Cokey Co., Ltd located in Tokyo, Japan. It has specialized in processing licorice roots and producing glycyrrhizic acid since 1953. The company has its own research division that produces developments to improve licorice processing technologies and develop highly efficient equipment.