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The Altair-Grozny plant has manufactured the first prototype of a drive for railcars.

“The enterprise has manufactured a prototype of a drive for the passenger railcar [AKG-45]. In addition, design documentation has been prepared for the manufacturing of various spare parts and components for rolling stock, including electric trains and metro railcars,” the ministry said.

At present, the Russian market of drives for high-speed trains as well as their components is entirely dependent on imports, therefore the ministry is confident in the project’s prospects. The Moscow and St. Petersburg metros as well as railcar repair plants in Russia and the CIS are regarded as potential customers.

The design documentation was developed by Altair Deutschland GmbH, which owns a 51 percent stake in the enterprise’s charter capital. The co-founder is SUE Orgtekhnika, whose production facilities are also used for the activities of Altair-Grozny. Thirty assembly stations that will employ more than 200 people are to be built within a year. Once the three-year program is successfully completed, the number of jobs will increase to one thousand. The total amount of investment is approximately RUB 1 billion.

04 July 2015
17.6 mln
Jobs: 200
Chechen Republic

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