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On October 4, Yasnogorsk Region hosted the formal inauguration ceremony of Agrofeed Rus, LLC, feed additives and premixes plant.

The event was attended by Mr. Eugeni Gromyko, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Mr. Alexei Dyumin, Tula Region Governor, Mr. Laszlo Szabo, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economy of Hungary, Mr. Istvan Nadz, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Hungary, Mr. Istvan Sekeres, controlling shareholder of Agrofeed LTD, Tibor Citkovic, Director and shareholder of Agroofeed LTD and Zolt Semak, Director of Agrofeed Rus LLC.

The project value is circa RUB 500 m. The scheduled premixes and concentrate production capacity of the plant is 128 tpd.

A Russian-Chinese machine tool joint venture is to start operating in the Moscow Region in 2017, the agreement with the investor to found the plant has been signed already, informs Press service of the Moscow Region Investment Ministry.

"For the Moscow Region, it is a unique enterprise as we are obtaining brand new cutting edge processes for production of high-precision controlled machine tools. For Moscow Region, it means circa 500 highly effective and highly paid jobs", commented Mr. Denis Butsaev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Regional Government.

According to the agency, total investments into the project for production of high-precision machine tools and CNC processing centers in 2016 to 2017 exceed EUR 110 m. The enterprise will start operating in the Leninsky District in 2017 on the basis of production facilities of the Gasdevice plant.

04 October 2016

The ground breaking ceremony for construction of AgrofeedRus, a joint venture between Russia and Hungary making premixes and mixed feed, was held in the Yasnogorsk District of the Tula Region on 2 July.

This import-substituting project will replace imported feeds with ones made domestically. Investment in construction of the factory amounts to approximately RUB 500 m. The company will create more than 100 new jobs.

Construction and installation of equipment are expected to be completed in December 2015. Start-up and commissioning are scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.

The new facility will use fully automated premix and mixed feed production solutions. Each batch of ingredients will receive a unique bar-code when delivered to the facility and may subsequently be identified throughout the period of its availability at the company — at its warehouses, in semi-finished products and finished products.

The full capacity of the new facility is from 16,000 to 48,000 tonnes, according to various sources. AgrofeedRus plans to supply its products throughout Russia.

01 July 2015
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Agrofeed Ltd is a modern Hungarian company, that is one of Europe’s leading producers of feed premixes for production animals. Agrofeed, established in 2001, supplies premixes to more than 12 countries.