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German investments in the agrarian project have exceeded €10 m

Reiner Brach, owner of the German steelmaker Reiner Brach GmbH, is planning to invest an additional €5—6 m in his agro-industrial company in the village of Staroe Saburovo, Nikiforovsky District, in the Tambov Region. REGNUM learned from the regional information and media relations office that German investments in the projects have already topped €10 m.

Mr Brach recently paid a visit to LLC Brachrosagro to inspect the new lift conveyor, which will be used to process the harvest grown on 5,300 hectares — wheat, barley and sunflower. He was satisfied with the quality of the emerging crops, the condition of the machines and equipment, and employees’ attitudes to their work.

The farm currently employs 28 people and 20 more will be employed to operate the lift conveyor.

Reiner Brach said he appreciated the work of the machine operators in caring for the machines and equipment and added that, even in Germany, farm machines were not always as well-maintained.

“The first phase of the project is almost complete. New phases are construction of milling and baking shops. I want the farm to have a full production cycle. We will be selling ready-to-eat products”, Mr Brach said.

The investor also plans to implement other projects in the Tambov Region, including production of bio-filtres for water purification, fish farming and even aviation production.

“The Tambov Region is a perfect area for agriculture”, Mr Brach said, referring to the region’s moderate climate, Black Earth soil, skilled personnel and favourable investment environment. The guest said he was grateful to the local authorities for their “strong support and honest cooperation.”

“All the problems we face are tackled very fast. I feel comfortable here, so I make long-term plans. I am certain my fellow countrymen will soon envy my success. Russia has great potential and a bright future, and investments will never be lost here”, Reiner Brach said.

25 May 2015
REGNUM Editorial Board
Tambov region

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Reiner Brach GmbH was founded in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, in 1970. The company makes bars for rollingrolled metal bars, forged products, profiles, hot-rolled bars for slabs and plates. Its annual capacity is approximately 200,000 tonnes of heavy slabs and plates. The company has significant experience in the agribusiness. Reiner Brach farms operate in Germany and Scotland.