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The planned pulp and paper plant in the Tomsk Region may have viscose production in addition to pulp-making facilities, investors said during a visit of a Tomsk delegation to China.

The factory is expected to be constructed in Bely Yar of the Verkhneketsky District. The project was discussed by the Tomsk delegation led by Deputy Governors Yury Gurdin and Andrey Knorr with future investors in China. Investors suggested that the project should be expedited.

“Investors are ready to start developing the feasibility study and project documentation: Fulida CO sent its specialists to Tomsk, and a joint working group will be formed in the near future. By the end of 2015, the main project characteristics will be prepared, along with the implementation roadmap, and in March 2016, it is planned to start designing production areas,” a spokesman for the regional administration commented on the talks.

Investors also spoke about the possible increase in the project cost to RUB 70 billion from RUB 50 billion in order for the factory to make not only pulp, but also viscose.

The plan to create the pulp and paper plant is part of the international agreement signed in May 2015. Investors will include, apart from AVIC Forestri, which will play the leading role in the implementation of the project, two more Chinese companies — Fulida CO, a major producer of staple viscose, and Xin Jiang Zhongtai

Chemical, which incorporates companies manufacturing chlorine and alkalis, raw salt, calcium carbide, coke and other chemical products.

One more Chinese company — Markor Investment Group — considers building a natural gas processing facility and a furniture factory in the Tomsk Region. The company procures birch timber in the Asino District and is ready to expand cooperation in the forestry industry by creating a factory manufacturing blanks for furniture production. Markor Investment Group also considers building a natural gas processing facility and a furniture factory in the Tomsk Region in the future.

02 July 2015
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