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A mining and ore-dressing plant officially opened at the Kyzyl-Tashtygskoe polymetallic deposit in Tuva’s Todzhinsky District on June 25. OOO Lunsin, owned by China’s Zijin Mining Group, launched the plant. The company won a license for the deposit development in 2006 at a tender held by the Federal Agency for Subsurface Resources.

RUB 16.8 billion has been invested in the project. The plant will process 1 million tons of polymetallic ore annually, extracting 200,000 to 220,000 tons of copper, zinc and lead concentrates. Once it reaches its design capacity, the plant is expected to bring up to RUB 400 million in tax and duty revenue into Tuva, according to experts’ estimates.

Under an agreement with Tuva’s government, the mining company is taking part in other socially oriented projects too. On public-private partnership terms, Lunsin took part in the construction of an 18-km truck detour road around the republic’s capital, completed in 2015. It has also assumed the maintenance of an 80-km section of the only dirt road leading to the rugged Todzha: As recently as five years ago, only AWD vehicles could navigate it, and now it’s open for even passenger cars.

The Kyzyl-Tashtygskoe polymetallic deposit is located in the central part of the Obruchev Ridge, 200 km to the north-east from Tuva’s capital, Kyzyl. The project area under construction is 480.9 hectares. The deposit contains 47 ore strands, with 12.920 million tons of ore reserves.

25 June 2015
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