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Sonoco Alcore, a unit of South Carolina-based Sonoco Products, a manufacturer of industrial and consumer products, has opened its third and largest industrial paper cores and tubes manufacturing plant in Schekino in Tula region.

The new £2.6 million plant will more than double Sonoco Alcore's capacity in Russia, with an annual production capacity of 17,000 tonnes.

Located within the Shchyokinsky District, the site offers easy access to the bulk of the Russian customer and end-use markets, located within 185 miles of Moscow, reducing the cost of transport and logistics.

19 March 2014
4.3 mln
Tula region

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Sonoco Products Co

South Carolina, USA

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Contact: Mr Harris E. DeLoach, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer

Launched in 1899, Sonoco is a manufacturer of industrial and consumer products and manufacturer of packaging services.