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A joint project between Vadim Varshavsky’s RAPT Group and Evonik will be completed in the middle of 2016

“About € 70 million has been invested in the construction of a plant for deep grain processing (production of lysine) in Volgodonsk, Rostov Region,” said the CEO of Donbiotech Vadim Varshavsky at the 1st All-Russia Food Security Forum at Rostov-on-Don.

“We have ordered equipment, which is currently being manufactured, and letters of credit have been issued. We are completing the construction of all buildings, and are in the process of assembling the plant. We plan on completing construction in 2016 and producing the first batch of lysine by the end of 2016,” Varshavsky said.

He noted that over 70% of equipment has already been ordered.

“Amino acids need to be exported to the developing markets of Asia and the Middle East. To Iran, for example. Evonik is planning on this. This is why we chose Volgodonsk – it’s a port that can be used to send goods to the Black Sea (Turkey) and the Caspian Sea (Iran),” Varshavsky said.

The project for the construction of a deep grain processing of plan for the production of lysine with total cost of € 170 million and capacity of about 80,000 t of lysine (an essential amino acid) is implemented by Donbiotech LLC (a joint venture between Vadim Varshavsky’s RAPT Group and Evonik Industries). In July 2014, Rosselkhozbank opened a line of credit in the amount of €167 million for Donbiotech.

03 June 2015
Rostov region

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