A pet food flavour enhancer plant built by France’s DIANA Group opened in the city of Shebekino on 27 May. The event was attended by SPF President Rémi Cristoforetti, representatives of the French Embassy in Russia as well as leading Russian and foreign companies that specialise in pet food production. The Development Corporation provided support for this investment project, which has a total cost of USD 300 million and ensures import substitution in the pet food segment.

The pet food flavour enhancer plant is the first such enterprise on the territory of former USSR. The plant’s closest competitors geographically are located in Europe (Hungary) and Thailand. When selecting a site for the plant, DIANA Group analysed the viability of a number of proposals from Russia’s regions from the south to the north-west. Ultimately, the Belgorod Region was chosen for the site of the plant in September 2010. The choice of was no coincidence as this region is home to a large number of livestock plants whose waste and by-products are used as raw materials for the plant’s products. The Belgorod Region’s experience in implementing similar investment projects as well as the high grade of the region’s investment appeal by ratings agencies also had a positive effect on the choice of the region for the location of the plant.

27 May 2015
Belgorod region

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Company's website: https://www.ru.spf-diana.com/

Contact: Rémi Cristoforetti, Rémi Cristoforetti

DIANA Group has sixteen pet food flavour enhancer plants. The plant in the Belgorod Region city of Shebekino is the holding’s seventeenth enterprise.