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President of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang has launched, in the Nenets Autonomous Area, a new complex of the joint Russian-Vietnamese enterprise Rusvietpetro. A sulphur cleansing unit for associated petroleum gas (APG) at deposits of the Central Khoreiveisk Elevation (CKE) was put into operation.

The launch came via a tele-bridge with the Northern Hoseidayusk deposit.

The work of the new energy complex provides for sulphur cleansing of associated petroleum gas (APG). This will allow for a significant increase in rational use of APG, bringing it up to 93% from the current 46%, and an improvement in the environmental indicators of the production activities by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Rusvietpetro has been operating on the territory of the NAO since 2008. Over the seven years operating in the area, the company has become not only a platform for production and technological co-operation between the two countries, but also the basis for international contact in all spheres.

The NAO and the Republic of Vietnam co-operate in education, sport and support for small indigenous peoples of the North and organise meetings on intercultural exchange.

09 May 2015
Nenets AO

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