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Ruskitinvest, JSC, the Tomsk subsidiary of the Chinese AVIC Forestry, intends to launch in 2019 a new sawmilling line in the town of Asino, having invested 25 billion rubles in this project. It was reported to journalists by Yao Jingsong, the Company’s General Director. Therefore, the existing production facilities will be increased three times to reach 300 thousand cubic meters per year. “We have already concluded an agreement to purchase equipment in China,” Interfax cited Mr. Jingsong. According to him, the Company is now negotiating the new investments in the Tomsk Region.

10 October 2017

Russian-Chinese logging enterprise construction worth more than 8 billion rubles is to be started in the summer of 2017 in two districts of the Novosibirsk region. 

As previously reported, the Russian-Chinese company Roskitinvest (a subsidiary of AVIC Forestry) is planning to build up a logging and timber processing plant with a capacity of 1 million cubic meters per year in two district in the north of the Novosibirsk region - Northern and Kyshtovsky districts.

03 February 2017

Roskitinvest, a Russian subsidiary of the Chinese AVIC Forestry, found a new investor that will continue the construction of the forest industry complex (FIC) in the Tomsk Region, Interfax quoted the statement of Deputy CEO of the company Boris Kaznacheyev. According to him, this refers to the Chinese Wuhan Industrial Holding: it will invest more funds in the project and increase the authorised capital almost twice “by several billions of roubles”. Nowadays, the new investor is studying the strategy and building the team. Wuhan Industrial Holding is a state-owned holding that invests in defence, textile, and steel industries. 

18 January 2017

 RosKitInvest CJSC (an AVIC Forestry investor company) is planning to start, in 2017, constructing, in Tomsk Region, its activated charcoal or large pellet plant, according to the information provided to RIA Tomsk by the Company CEO.

He also emphasized that both products were in demand in Russia, China and other countries, while China was currently lacking an adequate raw material base to produce them.

29 August 2016

Chinese AVIC Forestry intends to start construction of a wood processing complex in the north of the Novosibirsk Region this autumn, head of the regional forestry department Sergey Shvetz said to the journalists on Tuesday.

The planned investment in the deep wood processing project in the Novosibirsk region will amount to 8,5 bln rubles. Two plants with the capacity of 140 and 70 mln cubic meters of finished products to be delivered to China are expected to be constructed.

26 July 2016

The Chinese AVIC Forestry started the second of 10 plants of the Asinovsky wood park in the Tomsk Region - a wood mill with the capacity of 150 thousand cubic meters, Deputy General Director of Roskitinvest (AVIC Forestry’s subsidiary) Boris Kaznacheyev told TASS today.

The investment project aimed at the establishment of the Asinovsky wood park is being implemented by AVIC Forestry as part of Russia-China international agreements. It will invest over 30 bln rubles by 2022 (20 bln have been invested) in the construction of 10 wood processing plants. The first one, producing veneer sheet, was opened in February 2015. A heat and power center is under construction.

Ожидается, что с 2024 года ежегодная валовая выручка лесопромпарка составит 20 млрд рублей. К 2022 году на производствах будет создано около 5,4 тыс. рабочих мест. The annual gross revenue of the wood park is expected to be 20 bln rubles from 2024. By 2022, over 5.4 thousand jobs will be created.

07 June 2016

The project of the Russian-Chinese pulp and paper plant in the Tomsk Region worth about 50 billion rubles will be implemented in 2017 by the Russian designer.

30 May 2016

Chinese investors plan to start building timber and woodworking plants in two districts in the north of the Novosibirsk Region of a total value of 5 billion rubles in 2016. According to Boris Kaznacheyev, Deputy Director of Russian-Chinese company Roskitinvest (AVIC Forestry division), the launch of the first stage will take place before the end of this year.

Earlier it was reported that a group of Chinese investors and Roskitinvesta also plan to construct a pulp and paper plant with an annual production of unbleached pulp of 500 thousand tones in the Verkhneketsk District, Tomsk Region, by 2020. The project cost is estimated at $1 billion. Currently, the preparation for the project implementation is being carried out.

19 May 2016

In the second quarter of 2016 Chinese corporation AVIC International and Russian company RosKitInvest will open a plant for the production of MDF wood fibreboards in the Tomsk Region.

The industrial complex in Asino, Tomsk Region, will be created under the Russian-Chinese intergovernmental agreement. In addition to veneer and MDF production plants, the timber-processing park provides the opening of CHP, plywood, particleboard, laminate plants and a furniture factory. The park will reach its full capacity in 2023. The project investment is more than 30 billion rubles.

19 April 2016

As the press service of the Tomsk Region Administration told NIA Tomsk, this was announced by Deputy General Director of RosKitInvest Boris Kaznacheyev. The plant will be the second of ten planned for the Asino timber industry park. The new plant has been built on the site of the DSP-2 works, which operated in Asino in the 1970–1080s.

Specialists completely disassembled the old equipment and reconstructed the building, greatly expanding it area. The new equipment is now completely installed and is ready for start-up preparations. The raw material (kindling wood and fibre) for the new plant will be prepared at other production units of the timber industry park, while the boards will be formed and produced directly at the MDF plant.

In 2017, the company intends to start building a second stage of the plant launched in February for producing veneer.

“We plan to build another plant of the same type with a productive capacity of 100 thousand cubic metres a year. On the basis of these two enterprises, there will already be a factory with a capacity of 80 thousand cubic metres of plywood a year. I believe that, in 2017, we will start installation of the veneer factory and take a maximum of 12–18 months to do so. The plant will be exactly the same, It will be a second production line”, the General Director noted.

By 2022, the Russian-Chinese CJSC RosKitInvest plans to build ten timber-processing plants at the Asino timber industry park. The first of these, for manufacturing veneer, was started up in February 2015. Also to be built are a timber sawmill with a capacity of 220 th. cubic metres a year, factories producing MDF board (200 th. cubic metres), chipboard (300 th. cubic metres), plywood and laminate (80 th. cubic metres each), and furniture (200 th. sets). The site will be supplied with heat and electricity from its own 48 MW thermal power plant.

The investments in creating the timber industry park will total over RUB 30 bn, of which 15 bn. have already been invested. In total, the park should provide about 5.5 th. jobs, about 1.8 th. of which have already been filled. The general investor in the project is the Chinese corporation AVIC, represented by its subsidiary AVIC Forestry. The project is being implemented within the scope of a Russian-Chinese intergovernmental agreement on timber resource co-operation.

14 July 2015

Tomsk Region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin and member of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Xinjiang Zhongtai Group Wang Peijun today signed a Memorandum in the Kremlin on construction of a pulp and paper combine by 2020 года, the Regional Administration press service announced today.

"The Memorandum speaks about the intentions of the Chinese investors /Xinjiang Zhongtai Group in partnership with Xinjiang Fulida Fibre and RosKitInvest/ to invest RUB 50 bn in building the Beloyarsky timber processing combine in the Verkhneketskiy District, Tomsk Region. The timber processing combine will consist of a pulp and paper plant for producing unbleached cellulose with a capacity of 500 thousand tonnes a year, a timber-sawing plant with an annual productivity of 500 thousand cubic metres and a thermal power plant with a capacity of 12 MW", the press service specified.

According to the Governor, when considering the project of the Chinese partners, the authorities of the Region assessed the possible impact of the production on the environment. Experience of building such facilities in Oslo and other European cities was taken into account and the authorities made sure that the latest technological level of the pulp and paper plant will allow the raw material to be processed and the waste disposed of while minimising the environmental impact.

By 2017, the investor will have designed the timber processing combine; construction is planned for 2017-2019 and start-up for late 2019-early 2020. The pulp and paper plant will process about 5 m cubic metres of timber a year and will create 3.5 thousand jobs.

Within the scope of the Russian-Chinese inter-governmental agreements, the investment project for creating the Asinovskiy industrial timber park is already being implemented in the Tomsk Region. The Chinese company AVIC Forestry will invest, by 2022, over RUB 30 bn in construction of ten timber processing plants, creating five thousand jobs. RUB 13 bn have already been invested. The first veneer plant was opened in February.

07 May 2015

Chinese investors are planning to build a pulp and paper plant worth approximately $1 billion in the Verkhneketsky District of the Tomsk region by 2020, Deputy CEO of Roskitinvest Boris Kaznacheyev told TASS.

“We already have a preliminary environmental and economic analysis of the situation, and it is positive. The pulp and paper plant will cost up to about $1 billion, and taking exchange rates into account, we hope that will be 50 billion rubles. That amount includes the sawmill and the pulp and paper plant,” Kaznacheyev said.

According to him, a final decision on whether to construct the pulp and paper mill should be adopted in May. “We expect to implement the project by 2020. We plan to work for a particular client in China, and the logistics have been calculated,” he said.

Investment in the project will come from a profile investor from China, which will be determined at a later date, he said. Chinese company AVIC Forestry, which is the primary investor in an industrial timber park currently under construction in the Asinovsky and Verkhneketsky Districts of the Tomsk region, will participate in the project.

According to the Tomsk regional administration, the plant will be able to produce 500,000 tons of unbleached kraft pulp a year.

In February, Roskitinvest and a subsidiary of AVIC Forestry commissioned a Russian-Chinese factory in the Tomsk region. It is the first of ten factories to be constructed by 2022 as part of an industrial timber park project. The Chinese partners will invest more than 30 billion rubles in the entire project, 13 billion of which have already been spent. Construction and installation work is currently finishing up on a sawmill that can manufacture 220,000 cubic meters of product per year. A thermal power center is also being built.

The industrial timber park is expected to generate 20 billion rubles in annual revenue starting in 2024, not counting the pulp and paper plant. Some 5,400 jobs will be created at the factories by 2022, and another 2,000 jobs will be involved in pulp production.

01 April 2015
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