The new production must cover demands of Russian restaurants with butter cream

The new cheese production has been launched in the Kalacheyevsky district of Voronezh region, at the Kalacheyevsky cheese plant, the branch of the JSC Dairy group of enterprises ‘Voronezhsky’. On 2 November Alexey Gordeev, the Head of the Region and Tomas Vinkler, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark in the RF took part in the opening of the new production.

Since 2012 the joint project of the Russian company ‘Molvest’ and the Danish-Swedish corporate group Arla Foods has been implemented. The company has been created on the basis of the old cheese-making plant in the Prigorodny village, purchased by ‘Molvest’ holding in 2010. Previous owner brought it to closing and due to the intervention of the governor Alexey Gordeev it has got a second wind.

It is supposed to produce nine thousand tons of ‘Butter cream’ cheese per year at the production, launched on the eve. The investment volume for the project was 60 million rubles. Butter cream was especially developed for the professional use in the foodservice industry sector. The product is universal, ideal for cooking sushi and different sauces and deserts: cheese cake, parfait and tiramisu.

Tomas Vinkler emphasized, that very good investment conditions and good business climate have been created in the Voronezh region, “Some Danish companies use it already, but my job is focused on attraction of more companies. And we made an agreement with the governor, that we will promote it by all means”.

02 November 2015

Danish food firm Arla Foods and Russia-based dairy-products company Molvest have launched a cheese plant Kalacheevsky in the Voronezh area after renovation work costing over 800 million rubles.

The plant was built at a cheese plant in the village of Prigorodny, which Molvest acquired in 2010.

Molvest is responsible for collecting and initial processing of milk and Arla Foods for the production of Arla Natura cheese. The end product will be manufactured by the Russian representative of Arla Foods, LLC Arla Foods Artis. The new plant will also make Kalacheevsky and Rossiyskiy cheeses.

27 February 2014
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