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Kerama Marazzi Russia plans to invest about RUB 1.5 billion in its Oryol facilities in 2021.

05 July 2021

The Ministry of Housing Policy of the Moscow Region has issued a permit for the commissioning of the production premises of Kerama Marazzi, LLC in the Stupino municipal district, the press service of the authority reports.

22 May 2020

According to the regional government, Kerama Marazzi factory in Oryol (Kerama Marazzi, LLC) launched the first stage of sanitary ware production. Investment in the production line exceeded RUB 500 million.

24 January 2020

Kerama Marazzi within 2019-2022 intends to invest 5 billion rubles in the production of sanitary ware and ceramic granite in the Oryol Region, according to the website of the regional government.

06 June 2019

Almost four hectares of land in the village of Malino in the Stupino Urban District have been leased up to Kerama Marazzi, Limited Liability Company, so that it could expand its porcelain stoneware operations.

16 April 2019

Kerama Marazzi LLC, acquired over 110 thous. sq.m. in Orel Industrial Park (IP), reports press service of the Orel Region Government. The transaction was closed at the end of 2018, explained the press service of the Manager of IP Severstal-Metiz, OJSC. Kerama Marazzi acquired the last available areas in the park and is planning to construct two factories: sanitary ware production facility with the capacity of up to 270 thousand items per year and ceramic granite production plant with the capacity of over 5 thousand million sq.m. per year. The first launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, and the second one - for 2022. Over 400 jobs are expected to be created at production sites. Kerama Marazz reported to Kommersant-Chernozemye that the investments will reach RUB 5.1 billion.

04 February 2019

Kerama Marazzi, LLC has purchased over 110,000 sq.m. in Orel Industrial Park (IP), as reported by the Press Service of the Government of the Orel Region. According to the press service of Severstal-Metiz, OJSC, industrial park's management company, the transaction was closed at the end of 2018. Kerama Marazzi bought out the remaining areas in the park and is planning to build two factories: sanitary ware production (capacity of 270,000 items per year) and ceramic granite production (capacity of over 5 million sq.m. per year). The launch of the former is expected in Q1 2020, and the latter is scheduled for 2022. The sites are expected to provide over 400 jobs. According to Kerama Marazzin, RUB 5.1 billion is to be invested.

04 February 2019

Kerama Marazzi will invest 1.7 billion rubles in the construction of a new production and warehouse facility in Stupino near Moscow. TASS was reported about this in the press service of the Ministry of Investment and Innovation of the Moscow Region on Friday.

21 September 2018

Kerama Marazzi, an Italian manufacturer of ceramic tiles and granite, plans to launch a new production line with its enterprise in the village of Malino (the Stupino District), as reported on Monday by Marco Andrea Santandrea, the President and Chairman of the Board of directors of Kerama Marazzi, LLC.

16 May 2017

Today, the site of International Sochi 2016 Investment Forum has seen the execution of the cooperation agreement by and between Orel Region Government and LLC Kerama Marazzi according to the regional governor's Press service. The document has been signed by Vadim Potomsky and KM's BoD President, Mr. Marco Santandrea.

It suggests building a granite production facility of 5.8 mtpa within Kerama Marazzi's enterprise already existing in Orel. The facility is scheduled for commissioning in 1Q2018. The region will create 144 jobs.

01 October 2016

Kerama Marazzi, producer of ceramic tiles (Oryol Region) will invest 2.5 bln rubles in the development of its production facilities in the region in 2016.

The Oryol enterprise which is one of the calling cards of thr region, produces now 30% of all ceramic tiles in Russia.

13 July 2016

According to the Media Relations of the Moscow Oblast Investment and Innovation Ministry, Kerama Marazzi will invest RUB 1.36 billion in the expansion of its ceramic tiles production in the Moscow Metropolitan Area.

Kerama Marazzi's ceramic tiles plant in the Stupino District has been operated since 2006. The investment under the project will exceed RUB 5 billion and 350 jobs will be created.

17 March 2016

On February 2, 2015, the manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles Kerama Marazzi launched a new production line for oversize tiles (20×50, 25×40, 30×60 cm) at their plant in Oryol.

According to Kerama Marazzi’s CEO Umberto Maffia, the new production line will integrate digital printing and dry cropping into ceramic tile production, and will manufacture up to 2,800,000 square meters of high quality new product annually.

This will be a significant increase in production volumes for both the plant in Oryol and the company in Russia as whole. In 2014, Kerama Marazzi manufactured about 24,700,000 at the plant in Oryol and about 6,300,000 at the plant in Moscow. That is, production in Oryol will increase by 11% and will amount to 9% of the company's production.

The launch of the new production line will create 56 new jobs.

08 February 2015
83.0 mln
Jobs: 350
Orel region, Moscow region

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