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In 2021 Fazer plans to actively invest in upgrading of its production facilities and the purchase of new equipment, both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as representatives of the Finnish company told the editorial board of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

16 August 2021

CEO at Fazer Christoph Vitzthum and Governor of Saint Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko signed an agreement of intent of the Finnish company to build a plant in the city. The project investments are estimated to be 14.8 bln rubles.

Saint Petersburg already chose the site with the area of 22 ha for the investor to start construction in the Krasnoselskaya Industrial Zone. According to Christoph Vitzthum, the timeframe of project implementation is expected to be 10 years.

Currently Fazer owns three sites in Saint Petersburg where 2 thousand people work.

16 June 2016

Fazer to invest RUB 14.4 billion in the construction of a bakery in St. Petersburg. The corresponding project was approved at a meeting of the Investment Council at the City’s Governor’s Office today.

“The company applied for 20-22 hectares of land to build a production facility for frozen and fresh baked goods in St. Petersburg with a 14.4 billion ruble investment,” said Irina Babyuk, Chairwoman of the Investment Committee, adding that the relevant land had been found in the Krasnoselsky District.

According to Fazer’s Deputy General Director, Konstantin Mandelshtam, the project will be implemented in two phases. Phase 1, the construction of a frozen goods plant at a cost of RUB 6 billion, will be launched in 2016-2018, and Phase 2, to be launched in 2023-2025, involves the construction of a facility for fresh-baked goods at a cost of RUB 8.4 billion. The annual capacity of Phase 1 is 35,000 tons, while that of Phase 2 is 100,000 tons.

28 October 2015

Finnish group companies Fazer involved in food production, intends to continue investment in its plants in Russia. This was stated by the President of Fazer Group Christophe Victum, reports RIA Novosti.

"The company has already invested 230 million euros in activities in Russia. Our goal is to continue to grow, " he said. We believe in the possibility of Russia, and Fazer wants to stay here".

The President of the company did not specify the amount of the proposed investment.

Victum reminded that Fazer has four production sites in Russia, three in St. Petersburg and one in Moscow. These plants are baked to 190 thousand tons of grain per year. Revenue in 2014, according to preliminary data, amounted to about 12 billion rubles (almost 15% of all income groups).

According to General Director of JSC "Fazer" (part of Fazer) Vladimir Kalafina, the company annually invests in modernization of the Russian production.

Fazer - international manufacturer of bakery, confectionery and biscuit products, and owning restaurants and cafes. Plants owned by the group are located in eight countries, products are exported to more than 40 countries. Net sales of Fazer Group in 2013 amounted to almost EUR 1.7 billion, the company employs more than 15 thousand employees.

22 January 2015
477.1 mln
St. Petersburg, Moscow

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Fazer is an international manufacturer of bread, confectionery and sponge-cake goods and the owner of restaurants and cafes. The group operates production facilities in eight countries with exports to 40 countries worldwide.