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The Chinese company Hawtai Motor plans to build a factory in Russia vehicle Assembly, which is expected to cost $1.1 billion, according to "Interfax" with reference to the assistant to the President of the international Department Hawtai Jeffrey Zhang.

According to him, currently the company is engaged in searching the site for construction of the plant: it takes about 100 hectares, the Capacity of the new plant will be at least 100 thousand cars per year.
"Of course, I understand the policy of the Russian authorities associated with the requirements to increase the level of localization of production. So we are looking for a place where there are factories for the production of spare parts," said Zhang. 
He added that previously considered the possibility of building in Tatarstan, Togliatti and Cherkessk. 
"Sverdlovsk region may be one option, but we need to understand what benefits can provide power when creating a new production. In these next few months we will decide where we will build the plant," said Zhang.
The period of construction of the new venture vehicle Assembly - 1 year, the payback period is 5 years. According to Zhang, the company is considering the creation in Russia of the design Institute to develop such a model, which will be adapted for the Russian market. He recalled that at the present time cars Hawtai already going in Cherkessk. 
Start of sales is scheduled for October 2014. The company plans to launch two new models of cars.

30 September 2014

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