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Schattdecor (owned by Schattdecor AG, Germany) has launched a serial production of decorative films for the furniture and construction sectors in Chekhov, Moscow Region. Before that, the company had rented production facilities in Shatura. Now the operations have been moved to a new shop in Chekhov, built on a site owned by the company The shop capacity is 75 mn sq m of film per year, which is more than 30% higher than the Shatura capacity.

13 January 2021

Schattdecor, LLC plans to invest RUB 1 billion in the production of textured paper in the Chekhov municipal district of the Moscow Region, as reported by the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of the region.

21 July 2020

The new Schattdecor plant in Tyumen has been in operation since August 2014. The past year has seen the completion of a new shop and improvements to the plant’s territory. The company’s founder himself, Walter Schatt, attended the official opening of the plant and the shop. The output of the Tyumen plant (melamine film) is printed decor paper impregnated with melamine resin. The product is used for decorative surface coating in the furniture and flooring industry. The Tyumen branch is geared towards manufacturers from Siberia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia’s Far East. The design capacity of the Tyumen branch of OOO Schattdecor is 50 million square meters of melamine film annually, with Schattdecor’s total impregnating capacity in Russia reaching 100 million square meters. RUB 1 billion has been invested in the project. The plant now produces resin and chemical additives on its own and impregnates paper printed in Chekhov, creating a full production cycle for decorative film for the furniture and wood-processing industry.

With 50 million square meters of melamine film annual capacity, the plant has created 100 jobs for the people of Tyumen. The plant has already produced more than 78,500 square meters of melamine film. The output volume is projected to grow by 12–15% in 2016 and 2017. The plant can more than double output if there’s sufficient demand for its products.

According to Mr. Walter Schatt, the company will turn 30 this year and has been present in Russia for 15 years. “This is the first manufacturing facility where I didn’t participate personally in selecting the site or reviewing the location. I delegated all this to an employee in Russia, and everything was good even without my involvement. I am happy that such basic decisions can be implemented in my absence. We established relations with the local government in 2009 and have had a positive work experience; we are planning to invest RUB 1 billion in Tyumen”, he said.

24 June 2015

A plant built by the German company Schattdecor is to launch full-capacity operations in Tyumen

The facility, the construction of which began in 2012, will manufacture decorative surfaces for the furniture industry. Investments into the project amounted to about 1 billion rubles.

It is worth noting that the Schattdecor plant in Tyumen is the third one in Russia.

“We plan for our production to cover Siberia, the Far East, and enter the export market,” said Walter Schatt, President of Schattdecor.

04 March 2015

The Schattdecor production plant in Tyumen, which manufactures decorative coverings for the furniture industry, began a test line for the production of melamine coatings.

Schattdecor has had an affiliate in Tyumen since April 2011.

To date, the amount of capital investment in construction reached about 500 million rubles. In total, 1 billion rubles will be invested into the project.

The projected capacity of the enterprise is 35 million square meters of melamine coatings per year, with 12-15% growth per year over the long term. The plant is slated to open in the summer of 2015.  

01 September 2014
27.0 mln
Tumen region, Moscow region

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The company's primary focus is decorative printing. The technique employed is called intaglio printing, for which Schattdecor uses water-soluble dyes and organic pigments. Next, the sheet is imprinted with a pattern, and is supplied to woodworking enterprises. The resulting products are then used by furniture and floor-covering manufacturers.