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Tver Excavator’s reconstructed assembly shop launched serial production of new-generation excavators on April 23.

The factory is part of RM-Terex, a joint venture of corporation Russian Machines and diversified global manufacturer Terex Corporation. Governor of the Tver region Andrei Shevelev, CEO of LLC RM-Terex Christian Kremer, CEO of LLC Russian Machines Manfred Eibek, and the city administration participated in the launch ceremony.

The new-generation wheeled and caterpillar excavators being produced at the factory in Tver comply with all international standards and are able to compete on the global market. These machines have enhanced efficiency that is 20% higher than their predecessors. The parts in each excavator are 70% localized.

New serial production was made possible by the reconstruction of a 6,500-square-meter assembly shop, which can manufacture more than 1,000 excavators a year. It can potentially expand output and its model range in the future.

22 April 2015

Connecticut-based industrial equipment firm Terex Corporation, has opened a plant at the Bryanskiy Arsenal plant in Briansk, Russia.

The plant opened on December 5th 2013, launching the mass production of a new generation of RM-Terex motor graders. Investments in the plant, capable of producing 1300 units per year, have been estimated at over 500 million rubles over the course of three years.

16 December 2013
14.0 mln
Briansk region

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Terex Corporation is a diversified manufacturer. Terex operates in five business segments: Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Terex Construction, Terex Cranes, Terex Materials Processing & Mining, and Terex Roadbuilding, Utility Products and Other.