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The Horsch agricultural machinery production plant in the Chaplygin District has double its production volumes. Today, it opened a new shop. The solemn ceremony was attended by the Company’s managers from German, as well as clients representing large agricultural enterprises from all over Russia.

04 October 2017

The Horsch German corporate group opened a production service center for the manufacture and maintenance of tillage equipment in the Chaplygin Regional Special Economic Zone.

The new production-service enterprise will create 40 new jobs for the region’s residents.

The company entered the Russian Federation market in 2010, and in short time invested over 15 million Euros into the economy, 4 million of which were invested in the Roshchinsky Chaplygin district local village.

21 August 2014
19.8 mln
Lipetsk region, Altai region

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Horsch Maschinen GmbH


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