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Ramport Aero (75% held by the Lithuanian Avia Solutions Group, 25%, by a Rostech’s entity), who is engaged in the development of the Zhukovsky Airport, can conduct an IPO within 2–3 years, as Tomas Vaisvila, General Director of the Zhukovsky Airport, told the journalists.

“When Avia Solutions Group Only participated in the tender for the choice of the company that will develop the Zhukovsky Airport, one of the ASG’s requirements was the ability to prepare the company for an IPO at the second or third stage of its development. It is clear, our strategic task as the Company’s management was making every effort, so that at the right time all the assets and outcomes of the Company be so attractive, to demonstrate what our shareholders want to see in an IPO, as Vaisvila noted.

24 April 2017

Rostec Corporation and the Lithuanian company ASG have formed a joint venture to build the Ramenskoye Airport

Rostec Corporation and the Lithuanian corporation Avia Solutions Group formally signed a certificate to create the joint venture Ramport Aero. The new company will upgrade the existing Ramenskoye Airport to the level of a modern airport complex that will develop experimental, state, and civil aviation. More than 10 billion rubles will be invested in the project.

The airport will begin welcoming its first passengers in early 2016. By 2021 it will be capable of handling up to 12 million passengers and 40,000 tons of cargo a year.

The joint venture was created in an effort to implement the investment agreement signed by the Transportation-Exhibition Complex Russia on behalf of Rostec Corporation and Avia Solutions Group – Airport Management on behalf of Avia Solutions Group (ASG). The joint venture has authorized capital of 1.33 billion rubles. The Russian side invested more than 300 million rubles in land and property, while the Lithuanian partners are contributing investments amounting to 1 billion rubles.

“Currently the Moscow aviation hub is struggling to cope with its load, and according to all forecasts, passenger traffic will only increase in the future. Our Lithuanian partners, who have extensive experience in organizing the effective management and operation of airport facilities, gives us confidence that the restoration work and eventual operation of the airport complex will be carried out in accordance with the strictest international standards while also taking into consideration all Russian requirements,” said Dmitry Shugaev, Deputy CEO of Rostec Corporation. “The total investment in the project from 2015-2019 is estimated at more than 10 billion rubles, 8.3 billion of which are raised funds. I am confident that the new Ramenskoye International Airport will be a powerful tool for developing the Zhukovsky Science City and National Center for Aviation, which is the cradle of Russian aviation.”

Passenger and cargo terminals, maintenance facilities, roadways, parking lots, a hotel, and an office and commercial center will be built on the 400,000 square-foot territory.

“Located in the very heart of the Russian air transportation market, Ramenskoye International Airport has great potential, and we hope that after completing all stages of development the airport will become one of the most modern aviation clusters and thrive as in both experimental and commercial aviation fields,” said Gediminas Ziemelis, Avia Solutions Group CEO.

It is expected that the project will be implemented in three phases. During the first stage, to be completed by early 2016, the first passenger terminal will be built with an area of 15,000 square meters and the capacity to handle up to 1.8 million passengers a year. The road to the airport will also be expanded to four lanes to improve accessibility to the airport. During the second phase, to be completed in 2017, a second passenger terminal will be built with an area of 30,000 square meters and with the capacity to handle up to 6 million passengers a year. A multi-story parking garage and hotel will also be built. Ramenskoye’s current 5,000 square foot cargo terminal will be renovated into a modern Class-A complex that can provide a full range of customs and warehouse services. In the third stage, to be completed by 2019, the first passenger terminal will be expanded to 30,000 square feet to increase its capacity to 6 million passengers a year. A major center for aircraft maintenance will also be constructed here.

The joint project between Rostec Corporation and Avia Solutions Group will oversee this gradual increase in passenger traffic at Ramenskoye Airport from 1.8 million passengers in 2016 to 12 million in 2021. If all plans are completed, Ramenskoye International Airport will operate on an international level in terms of passenger traffic, as well as high-quality service for passengers, aircraft and transportation/logistics companies, shippers, and receivers of shipments. Ramenskoye will also remain the base for experimental and state aviation, as well as the grounds for the MAKS international airshow and other exhibitions.

14 August 2014
Moscow Region

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