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Cremonini Group, Italian agricultural holding, is ready to organize a feedlot in the Orenburg Region on the basis of a bankrupt dairy farm, as reported on Tuesday by Luigi Pio Scordamaglia, Director General of Inalca S.P.A. (part of the Cremonini Group) at the meeting with Governor Denis Pasler.

10 September 2019

A consortium of investors led by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and Inalca (Italiy), one of the leading European manufacturers of meat products, announce a joint investment in the amount of more than 1 billion rubles in the Russian business of the company for the primary production of beef, the RDIF says.

06 June 2019

Italian agricultural holding Cremonini Group plans to open a 5,000 head feedlot at the Orenbeef plant in the Orenburg Region. This was announced on Friday in the press service of the Governor and the regional government.

26 April 2019

The Italian group Cremonini has set up an operating company in Bashkiria to create a network of cattle feeding sites (feedlot) in the cost of 380 million rubles each. The company plans to supply livestock from Bashkortostan to its processing plant in the Orenburg region

21 December 2017

The Orenbeef plant founded by Cremonini Group has been operating for three years now in Cherniy Otrog, Saraktash District. The project has proved to be very successful. Orenburg beef in vacuum packaging is selling well both in Russia and Europe. So far, the plant has been processing circa fifty thousand heads per annum. Next year, the production is planned to double. Orenburg Region will benefit from new investments. Procurement of livestock from regional farmers will increase. Additionally, the Italians are planning to launch new projects.

23 November 2017

Italian Gruppo Cremonini is planning to create at least seven high-tech feed lots (feeding stations) in the Republic of Bashkortostan over 2017-2018. Each feeding station will be designed for three thousand head of cattle stock. Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Irek Mukhametdinov and the company’s President Luigi Cremonini have signed the memorandum earlier today.

08 December 2016

A large Italian corporation Gruppo Cremonini plans to build a meat-processing plant in Bashkiria. This was declared by the President of the company, Luigi Cremonini, at the meeting with the Head of the Republic, Rustam Khamitov. The company intends to provide the plant with raw materials using cows from the Orenburg region as well as from Tatarstan, Bashkiria and Kazakhstan.

20 July 2016

Italian meat processing company Cremonini will build a feeding yard for 5 thousand cattle in the Orenburg region this year, minister of agriculture, food and processing industry of the region Mikhail Maslov told the TASS reporter.

23 June 2016

The Brazilian–Italian company MARR RUSSIA will expand its existing production of semi-finished meats in Odintsovo in 2018.

Expected investment in the construction of new capacities will total 1.5 billion roubles.

15 February 2016

The Cremonini Group, through its subsidiary Inalca Eurasia Holdings, of which Cascade International Holding - Knightsbridge Group is a shareholder, inaugurated today the first beef slaughtering plant of the Russian Federation in Orenburg, the South Urals, in the presence of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister,Arkady Dvorkovich, and the Regional Governor of Orenburg.

The new plant has a slaughtering capacity of 130,000 head per year and is the result of Cremonini’s thirty-year presence in Russia: a journey that started with the initial activity of distribution, and has led to the completion of the meat production chain, in coherence with the objectives of the Russian Government to increase the production levels of domestic self-sufficiency.

The plant, a pilot project which is replicable in other Russian regions, will have a crucial role in valorising and promoting the production of beef in Orenburg, a southern Russian city near the Kazakhstan border, and the surrounding regions suited to livestock, guaranteeing the acquisition of prime stock with long-term contracts with local breeders. The meat produced will be valorised and commercialised through the Russian distribution channels (retail and catering), and allocated to the factory built by Cremonini in Moscow in 2010, the largest hamburger production plant of all the Russian Federation.

Equipped with the most advanced technologies, the new plant that has been realized by Tecnostar Due (subsidiary controlled by Inalca) encompasses an area of ​​40,000 square meters, developed over a total covered space of 11,000 square meters, will employ approximately 150 people and has required an investment of approximately 40 million Euro (51 million US dollars).

In the next few months two new feedlots will be initiated in Orenburg and the neighbouring region of Tatarstan, to enhance at best cattle breeding, both dairy and specialised beef stock.

26 October 2014

Inalca JBS, a joint venture between Italy-based Cremonini and Brazil-based JBS, both meat producers, is to open a meat processing plant in Orenburg, Russia.

The companies have invested $40 million in the plant and it is expected to open in March 2014.

29 November 2013
50.0 mln
Jobs: 150
Orenburg region, Moscow region, Republic of Bashkortostan

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