The technology makes it possible to considerably decrease operating expenses by reducing electricity consumption

Israeli company Compass Networks has presented a unique ic-Photonics technology based on an electrooptical principle of information transmission and presented revolutionary router r10004. The company came to Russia a year ago to organize the output of its products in the country as part of a policy to replace imports. A company’s representative stated that Innopolice can be considered as a basic site for production and the firm will become its resident.

The r10004 router is a fundamentally new product designed to organize telecommunications and data transmission in large quantities with a high reliability degree and over large distances.

20 August 2015

Compass-Eos, an Israel-based networking technology company, has announced the opening of a new research and development and commercial sales centre in Moscow, Russia.

"We look forward to partnering with local Russian companies and institutions both on technology development and market penetration opportunities," - said Dr Michael Mesh, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Compass-EOS.

Internet traffic in Russia is expected to continue to grow and Russian network operators are facing the challenge of efficiently scaling their network capacity to meet demand.

27 June 2014
Republik of Tatarstan, Moscow region

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Compass EOS Ltd. enables the new wave of electro-optical systems. The company operates as a stealth chip developer for electro-optical telecommunication systems such as optical router.