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Mondelēz Rus, a member of Mondelēz International Group, and V.V Sipyagin, Governor of the Vladimir Region, signed investment agreements for expanding production at Sobinka and Pokrov confectioneries. Investments will total about RUB 2.5 billion.

03 June 2021

Mondelez Rus is going to invest about RUB 2.5 bn into the expansion of production capacities at Bolshevik confectionery factory in the Vladimir Region, the company’s press office said on Wednesday.

19 December 2020

Mondelez Rus is going to invest RUB 2.5 billion to expand production at the biscuit factory in Sobinka, as reported by the press center of the Russian branch of Mondelēz International, owner of facilities in the Sobinka and Petushki Districts of the Vladimir Region.

11 December 2019

Mondelēz International has launched a new line for the production of chocolate bars at the plant in the city of Pokrov, Vladimir Region. The company invested about 1.1 billion rubles to increase the plant capacity.

20 September 2019

The chocolate maker Mon’Delice Rus plans to increase the production of chocolate by the end of the year by 2 thousand tons. This was reported to the journalists by Maksim Startsev, the Company’s CEO, at the opening ceremony of the new production line in the town of Pokrov, the Vladimir Region.

Today, the Company has open a new line for production of chocolate bars in Pokrov; before the end of the year, there will also be launched an oven for roasting nuts. The total investment in the production revamping will be 700 million rubles.

07 September 2017

Mondelez Rus will finish construction of its new confectionery factory near Novosibirsk in 2016.

The company’s investments total around $110 million.

16 February 2016

A Veliky Novgorod-based Dirol chewing gum factory is determined to expand its market share in Russia, Director of the Dirol Cadbury factory in Veliky Novgorod Dmitry Gavrilov told TASS Russian News Agency today.

This year, roughly RUB 160m has been invested in infrastructure upgrades and high-velocity equipment installation at the Novgorod enterprise, the source said.

The company views Russia as one of the most promising markets, which has been reflected in the construction of a sponge cake and chocolate factory in Novosibirsk, Gavrilov added (the project with a total investment of some USD 100m is expected to reach its design capacity of 50,000 tonnes a year no later than 2020 – TASS News Agency).

14 December 2015
TASS Russian News Agency

This Thursday, Mondelez Rus (subsidiary of Mondelez International Group, former Kraft Foods) officially launched an Oreo cookies manufacturing line at Bolshevik confectionery in Sobinka, Vladimir Region, the company’s media office reported.

The company invested 320 mln rubles in the confectionery expansion project.

“Oreo is the key brand for Mondelez International that brings over $2 bln in returns. The product will be released in 38 gram packs (for one person), as well as in packs of 95 and 228 grams,” the report says.

Sales of Oreo cookies in Russia are schedules to start in October 2015.

LLC Mondelez Rus produces Alpen Gold, Milka and Picnic chocolate bars, Barney Bear biscuits, TUC salty snacks, and Dirol chewing gum. The company’s factories are located in Vladimir, Leningrad and Novgorod regions.

09 September 2015

The Novosibirsk Region authorities have decided to provide chocolate producer Alpen Gold with tax exemptions for a total of RUB 184.114 million as government support for the construction of a multiple-purpose plant outside Novosibirsk.

According to previous reports, Mondelēz Rus (part of the Mondelēz International group) launched construction on the plant outside Novosibirsk in early 2015. The plant will manufacture products for company brands such as Alpen Gold, Milka, Yubileynoye, Medvezhonok Barni and TUC. Investment in the launch of the plant was estimated at USD 110 million. The plant is to be put into operation in the third quarter of 2015.

23 July 2015
7.0 mln
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Vladimir region, Novgorod region

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