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Investor profile


Wolfsburg, Germany

Company's website:

T: +49 536190

Public company (FSE: VOW)

Contact: Mr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management

Volkswagen AG is an automotive manufacturer. The firm's passenger car business is split into two brand groups: Audi and Volkswagen. The Audi brand is made up of the Audi, Seat and Lamborghini brands. The Volkswagen brand includes Skoda, Bentley and Bugatti brands.

Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn
Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn,

Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG

"For the Volkswagen Group, Russia is the number one strategic growth market in Europe. We will be investing a further €1.2 billion in Russia up to the end of 2018. That means the Volkswagen Group is, and will remain, a strong motor for the Russian automotive industry".

"Russia is set to become one of the world’s leading automotive nations and the Volkswagen Group will be involved in shaping this successful future as a reliable partner. Today, we have well and truly become a Russian automaker."

Prof. Jochem Heizmann
Prof. Jochem Heizmann,

Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG

"Volkswagen is backing sustainable growth on the important Russian auto market. Here, the Group with its strong brands and convincing technology now ranks among the top 3 manufacturer groups in terms of vehicle deliveries. Our highly flexible plant in Kaluga has been a decisive factor in this success. My special thanks go to the Volkswagen Group Rus team."

Volkswagen Group in Russia

Brands of Volkswagen Group Rus, available on the Russian market — 7 (Volkswagen, ŠKODA, Audi, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, SEAT, Bentley, and Lamborghini). (The VW Group is made up of 9 brands from seven European countries: + Bugatti and Scania).

Plants in Russia

About the Kaluga plant

The plant of Volkswagen Group Rus is located in the industrial park Grabtsevo in Kaluga city, approximately 170 km southwest of Moscow.
Its planned industrial capacity is 225 000 vehicles per year.
The plant produces Volkswagen and Skoda cars and Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

With total project investment volume of €774 mln., of which €570 mln. are invested in the construction of the plant, Volkswagen AG is the largest foreign investor in the Russian automotive industry.

В 2015 году в Калуге будет введен в эксплуатацию новый завод Volkswagen по производству двигателей.

Milestones of Volkswagen Group Engagement in Kaluga

May 29th 2006
Signing of investment agreement with Russian government about the "industrial assembly"

October 28th 2006
Groundbreaking ceremony for construction of the Kaluga plant

November 28th 2007
Plant commissioning and launch of semi-knocked down production

October 20th 2009
Start of full-cycle production, including welding and painting

Nizhny Novgorod

About the Nizhny Novgorod plant

The production is located in Nizhny Novgorod city, approximately 430 km northeast of Moscow in the territory of a large Russian factory. The planned industrial capacity is 110 000 vehicles per year.

The total investment volume in machinery, equipment and infrastructure amounts €200 mln.

In Nizhny Novgorod the models ŠKODA Yeti, Volkswagen Jetta and the new ŠKODA Octavia A7 are produced.

Milestones of Volkswagen Group Engagement in Nizhny Novgorod

14th June 2011
Agreement for contract manufacturing in Nizhny Novgorod

November 2011
Start of semi-knocked down production of Skoda Yeti

End of 2012
Start of full-cycle production including welding and painting

History of VOLKSWAGEN Group in Russia

opening of Volkswagen representative office in Russia.


VOLKSWAGEN Group Automobiles is established as a company to supply auto parts for VW, Audi and VW Commercial Vehicles cars.


Auto parts Warehouse opens in the town of Sergiev Posad in Moscow region.


VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO is established as sole importer company incorporating VOLKSWAGEN Group Automobiles, as well as VW, VW Commercial Vehicles and Audi brands.


VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus imports first vehicles to Russia.


All dealers of VW, Audi and VW Commercial Vehicles start importing vehicles via VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus.


Auto parts Warehouse moves from Sergiev Posad to Sheremetyevo, Moscow.


ŠKODA brand joins VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus.


Auto parts Warehouse moves to Pushkino, Moscow region.


New plant opens in Kaluga.


Sales and production merge within VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus.


Full cycle production of VW Tiguan and ŠKODA Octavia begins at the plant in Kaluga.


VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus become General Partner of the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi in the “Cars” category.


Production of ŠKODA Fabia and VW Polo Sedan begins 200,000th vehicle produced.


Contract Assembly Agreement is signed with GAZ Group in Nizhny Novgorod.


300,000th vehicle produced in Kaluga; production begins in Nizhny Novgorod.


SEAT, Lamborghini and Bentley brands join VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus.


VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus sells its 1 Mio vehicle in Russia.


Agreement to build an engine plant in Kaluga is signed.


500,000th vehicle produced in Kaluga.


production 700 000th car since the opening of the plant and the 400 000th vehicle of complete cycle in Kaluga.

The 700,000th vehicle is a silver Volkswagen Polo Highline