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Who's investing in Russian Federation? Find information about publicly announcement investments using the tool bellow.
Note that the listing of new capital investment projects in Russian Federations is based on a daily media review of public announcements.

Please note that information published here is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. Any information critical to user's operation should be verified independently. The database contains investments from 1997 to current year. For more information, see the Database of Publicly Announced Investments "Key Questions".
Total Investment: 132,105$MM, Total New Jobs: 108,360
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2018 Ishvan Pharmaceutical UAE Pharmaceuticals. Biotechnology & Medical Research Production of anti-rotavirus vaccine Expansion n/a n/a Kirov Region
2018 SBI Holdings Japan Investment Banking & Investment Services Investments into Sovcombank n/a n/a n/a n/a
2018 IMT Marine South Korea Transport Infrastructure Construction of the shipyard for small and medium range vessels Joint Venture n/a n/a n/a
2018 Double Medical Technology Inc. China Pharmaceutical and medical industry Manufacture of medical equipment New n/a n/a Tomsk Region
2018 BlaBlaCar France Passenger Transportation Services Acquisition of a stake in BeepCar  Joint Venture n/a n/a n/a
2018 Jing Feng China Agriculture Meat processing plant New n/a 11.8 Republic of Tatarstan
2018 Jiangxi Yuan Yang WeiLi Industrial Co., Ltd. China Construction & Engineering. Construction Materials Fiber cement manufacture New n/a 9.6 Republic of Bashkortostan
2018 Wuhuan Engineering China Chemicals Fertilizer production Joint Venture 800 1000 Saratov region
2018 Groupe Danone France Food & Beverages New dairy production line Expansion n/a 2.2 Vladimir Region
2018 Murugappa Group India Machinery, Equipment & Components Development of Volzhsky Abrasive Works Expansion n/a 16.4 Volgograd Region
2018 Great Food Greece Agriculture Construction of a full cycle complex for 30 thousand heads of cows, sheep and goats for the production of feta cheese, Greek yoghurt and ice cream New n/a n/a Nizhny Novgorod Region
2018 Decathlon France Household Goods Hypermarket New n/a 29.9 Moscow Region
2018 Fosun International Ltd China Construction & Engineering. Construction Materials Renovation of the business center on Vozdvizhenka Modernization n/a 20 Moscow
2018 Vestas Denmark Power Manufacture of wind turbine components New n/a n/a Republic of Tatarstan
2018 Jinhaitong China Machinery, Equipment & Components

Manufacture of ore dressing equipment

New n/a 0.7 Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
2018 Jinhaitong China Construction & Engineering. Construction Materials

Brick manufacture

New 64 0.9 Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
2018 Sichuan - Chuvashia Agro-Industrial Trading Company, LLC China Agriculture

Milk production

New n/a n/a Republic of Chuvashia
2018 Royal De Heus Netherlands Fishing and Farming Compound fish feed production Expansion n/a 29.3 Vladimir Region
2018 Weichai Power China Cars & Car Parts Joint venture of Kamaz« PJSC» and Weichai Power (China) Joint Venture n/a n/a Republic of Tatarstan
2018 Solana GmbH & Co. KG Germany Agriculture Potato production New n/a 2.1 Leningrad Region

* Company has headquarters in another country

Key Questions

How can I submit information if I am aware of projects that are not listed?

Should you be aware of projects which should be considered for this database, or wish to report any errors, please contact

Why am I not seeing a project which I know about?

Several reasons may be possible: The project has not yet been announced in the media, which is a prerequisite for INVEST IN RUSSIA database. The project that you know about does not qualify according to INVEST IN RUSSIA project selection criteria. Our processes involve several steps. The project file is published once the basic information is assembled through a process of research, qualification and verification.

What are INVEST IN RUSSIA DATABASE project qualification criteria?

The project must involve capital expenditures (building, machinery, equipment) upwards of $1M for most sectors, with the exception of retail, entertainment and hotels, for which the threshold is set at $20M. Shell buildings for future investments are not considered. The project must be publicly announced, with a credible schedule for realization. Research and development projects with no significant capital expenditures (i.e. below $1M) are not retained.

Why is the project value sometimes not available?

Several reasons may be possible: Capital investment value of some projects is confidential. Even when some value has been published by the media, it may happen that the investor is not willing to confirm the published figure. In these cases, E&B DATA makes a judgment on the credibility of the published value. If a doubt remains about the project value, the figure is not made available by INVEST IN RUSSIA database.

Are dollar values for project cost provided in current or constant dollars?

In current dollars.

Why is job creation sometimes not available?

Several reasons may be possible: Job creation is confidential. Job announcements may be premature (early phase of the project). Job creation is linked to the market conditions at the time of the project completion. The figure may therefore be highly uncertain.

I have heard about a new acquisition which will certainly lead to future expansion. Will it be on the database?

It will if and when a capital investment project is announced.

What are your sources?

Our sources include newspapers, newswire services and economic development agencies publications.

With which organizations is the information verified?

With the investing company, or when not possible, with local government authorities (usually economic development services).

How frequently is the on-line database updated?

At least once a month.