Foreign investors in Kaluga region

Total Investors: 76
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Industrial Park Kaluga-Yug ZAO Volvo Vostok Sweden/Russia (Chimki) Volvo cabs manufacturing plant Completed 2014 320
Industrial Park Kaluga-Yug LLC Maco Furniture Austria Window hardware production plant Completed 2010 300
Industrial Park Kaluga-Yug Continental AG Germany/Russia Engine control units plant construction Completed 2014 600
Lessors B-park (Kaluga-Yug Elikor) LLC HP Pelzer Rus Germany/Russia Vehicles sound insulation materials plant construction Completed 2010 125
Lessors B-park (Kaluga-Yug Elikor) LLC Sherdel Kaluga Germany/Russia Car seat steel frames production plant Completed 2010 79
Lessors B-park (Kaluga-Yug Elikor) LLC Shapers Rus France Service center for repair, maintenance and modification of pressing tools Completed 2012 56
Tenants in Kaluga LLC LIR USA Car seats production plant Completed 2009 200
Tenants in Kaluga LLC CIE AVTOCOM, LLC CIE AVTOCOM Kaluga, (LLC CIE Avtocom) Spain/Russia Car components production Completed 2010 n/a
Tenants in Kaluga LLC HT & L FITTING RUS Italy Tire fitting lines Completed 2011 n/a
Tenants in Kaluga ZAO AD Plastic Kaluga Croatia Acquisition and reconstruction of production and warehousing facilities to produce car components and parts Completed 2015 200