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The information is updated on an ongoing basis according to Russian Federal State Statistics Service Release Calendar. Last updated: 2020, December

Key macroeconomic indicators Penza region Export to PDF/XLS
GRP, RUB bn n/a
GRP dynamics, % vs. previous year n/a
Equity investments per capita, RUB thousand 68.90
Registered unemployment rate, % of economically active population (as at the end of the period) - based on 2010 Russian Census results 4.30
Direct foreign investments, USD millions 114.00
Geography Penza region Export to PDF/XLS
Region population size, thousand people 1355.60
Regional center population size, thousand people 522.82
Shortest highway distance to the nearest border crossing, km Ozimki Penza, Russia - Kazakhstan 550 km "
Shortest highway distance to the nearest sea port, km Penza - Astrakhan 1010 km
Highway distance from regional center to the nearest million-plus population city, km / population size in million-plus population city, mln people Penza - Samara 418/1165
Transportation and energy infrastructure Penza region Export to PDF/XLS
Number of international airports n/a
Railway freight transportation, MT 2.60
Motor transport freight turnover, MT/km 926.70
Electricity generation/consumption, % 25.60
Domestic market size Penza region Export to PDF/XLS
Income per capita, RUB thousand 25.50
Retail sales turnover, RUB bn 221.36
Products shipped in manufacturing sector, RUB bn 224.00
Labor market Penza region Export to PDF/XLS
Average monthly salary, RUB thousand 32.27
Economically active population, thousand people 673.37
Human capital Penza region Export to PDF/XLS
Number of students per 10 thousand people (at the last reporting date) 249.00
Mortality of working age (per 100 thousand people of working age - 3-year average) 486.80
Migration balance (3-year average) per 10 thousand people -34.30