According to the World Bank Group’s Doing Business-2019 rating, Russia ranks in 31st place, having climbed up 89 positions from 120th place in seven years’ time. This is the best 2012-2019 performance among all surveyed countries. Russia managed to enter the Top 100 on all 10 topics of Doing Business-2019 rating. This illustrates that Russia is strongly committed to enhancing the business environment.

Russia has a stable legislation aimed at protection of ownership and capital, investors and investments. The recent legislative and regulatory efforts are meant to improve stability and predictability, making the investment climate milder and the business environment more attractive for all players. Find information about the regulatory conditions of doing business in Russia in the Legal Framework Section.

Tax governance is becoming increasingly consistent with international approaches, integrating the country’s fiscal system into the global tax framework. Favourable tax regime for new investments has been set up in Special Economic Zones and Priority Development Territories. Learn more about the Russia’s tax landscape in the Taxation Section.

A broad and varied framework of over than 900 support measures has been set up in Russia in response to the needs of investors. Support can be provided by the Government or Development Institutions at national level and/or local level for all types of industries and projects, from manufacturing, services and R&D to innovation and training. Navigate through the Russia’s incentives system in the Government Support Section.

Russia offers many and diverse investment opportunities for foreign companies. The Key Sectors Section gathers the most up to date industry reports and comments from the top global experts.