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The Russo-German precision metal processing plant ZMS Technology has commissioned its unique automated painting line in Belgorod Region.
The Press service of the Belgorod Agro-Belogorye Company Group, reported that the Group is expanding the capacity of the Russian-German plant for precision metal machining: in November, an automated painting line worth 126 mln rubles, unique for the region, will be put into operation.
A Russian-Germany plant for the manufacture of agricultural equipment – ZMS-Technology has been launched today in the village of Razumnoye in the Belgorod Region.
Veropharm, an entity of Abbott international pharmaceutical company, signed an agreement on cooperation with Bion, a chemical-pharmaceutical enterprise, as Elena Bushberg, the Veropharm’s Director General told Kommersant. Partnership implies development and production by Bion of high-tech substances for medicines. Based on these substances, the Veropharm’s plants in Belgorod and the Vladimir regions will produce ready dosage forms of drugs, including Vital and Essential Medicines, for treatment of oncological diseases, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. According to Ms. Bushberg, the Company has consistently localized their production in Russia to expand their product range.
The German Hochland company will invest 15 mln to 20 mln euros in the expansion of their production facilities in Russia. TASS knew it from the press office of the Company’s headquarter.
The construction of Advance Pharmaceuticals factory in Belgorod for the production of drugs for the therapy of tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis and other diseases should be completed in 2017.

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