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Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Chechen Republic
The Board of investment under the Head of the Chechen Republic
Director: Secretary of the Council — the Minister of economic, territorial development and trade of Chechen Republic Muslim Magomedovich Chochiev
Address: 364020, Chechen Republic, Groznyy, ul. Staropromyslovskoe shosse, 7
Tel.: +7 (8712) 22-23-02
,+7 (8712) 29-27-27
Fax: (8712) 22-30-85
,+7 (8712) 29-27-27
Time zone: Moscow +3



The Chinese Foton Motor intends to construct a plant in Chechnya for assembly of electric buses with the production capacity of 500 vehicles per year, as the press-office of the regional ministry of industry and energy said to TASS.
Canadian Genoil and Grozneft signed an agreement of intent on projects for extraction and processing of oil in Russia, particularly, in Chechnya, to the amount of up to $50 bln. This information is provided in the press release of Genoil. The company intends to invest this amount in the development of infrastructure in Russian oil fields, a representative of the company told Vedomosti. For the start, Genoil chose Chechnya where it intends to invest up to $15 bln.
The construction of a factory manufacturing mineral wool and sandwich panels applied in the construction sector has commenced in the Naur Region of Chechnya. The new plant will create 150 new jobs.
Chechenneftekhimprom and the Chinese СРТSA company signed an agreement on long-term cooperation in the geological study of mineral resources, performance of geological prospecting works and development of oil and gas fields in the Chechen Republic.
Grozny inaugurates the first stage of the Russian-Korean innovative lithium accumulator battery plant with the capacity of 30 MWh per annum. The city mayor office reported it to TASS.
Russian-German plant in Chechnya manufactures prototype of drive for railcars. The Altair-Grozny plant has manufactured the first prototype of a drive for railcars.

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