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James Wilson, General director "SABMiller RUS LLC":

The investment project together with the Government of the Ulyanovsk region make investments in the amount of $220.000.000. It is more than 6 billion rubles invested in creation of brewery, producing high-quality, fresh production. We expect to make about 3.000.000 hectoliters of beer and we will create more than 300 workplaces at our enterprise. Our choice has fallen to Ulyanovsk after detailed study of all possible variants. In the autumn of 2006 we chose the Ural-Volga region as the most perspective for placement of a new brewery based in Ulyanovsk. We estimated different platforms by many criteria. And the Ulyanovsk region drew our attention due to highly-skilled personnel and infrastructure. Ulyanovsk turns out to be a convenient logistical centre what in turn has proved our choice. One of the main advantages of the Ulyanovsk region is its particular investment climate and attentive relation of the regional government to our questions and issues that allows us to be assured of our investments.

Richard Smite, President "MARS LLC":

We have decided to construct two factories in the Ulyanovsk region. Our factory of pet forages with capacity of 45 thousand tons is under construction in the Mirny settlement. The chocolate factory will be constructed in the Cherdakly settlement in 30 km from Ulyanovsk and produce 35 thousand tons of confectionery products. Within the next 5 years we expect increase in capacity to more than 100 thousand tons. Total investments will make about 5 billion rubles, what will provide over 500 new workplaces. We have chosen the Ulyanovsk region because we run powerful business in Southern and Privolzhsky regions, and local transport infrastructure is developed enough, there are skilled human resources. Moreover support and help of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region are also very important. We have great big plans in Russia.

Shigehisa Takada, President of Takata Corporation (Japan):

Constructing our first plant in Russia we are planning to extend the structure of our supplies and also we hope to contribute to development of the automotive industry in the Ulyanovsk region which pays much attention to the safety of road traffic.

Heinrich Binder, Chairman of the Board of Takata-Petri AG (Germany):

In Ulyanovsk there coincided three main components: inestimable support of the Governor, advantageous logistic location and skilled personnel.

Alexander Koepcke, General Director of Takata-Petri Rus, LLC (Russia):

Many regions of Russia were interested in building of such a plant in their territory. The team of representatives of TAKATA-PETRI visited them and explored all the conditions in each region very thoroughly. Our management also met with the heads of different regions as a result the choice was made in favour of the Ulyanovsk region because there we found a qualified approach to resolving issues, good infrastructure, skilled personnel, convenient location. Also we obtained great administrative support from the Government and Ulyanovsk region Development Corporation.

Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, JSC
Director General: Vasin Sergey Nikolaevich
Address: 432071, the city of Ulyanovsk, 41 Ryleeva Str.
Tel.: + 7 (499) 346-73-03, + 7 (8422) 73-70-01
Time zone: Москва +3



Mars, the US company, opened a center for pet feed studies on Wednesday in the Ulyanovsk region, with over 900 million rubles invested at the first stage, reports the press service of the company.
German Mekra Lang is to set up a car mirror production facility in Ulyanovsk.
The unique for Russia production of spindles was launched by Ulyanovsk machine-tool plant of the DMG Mori Concern. Spindles are the most important and crucial part of the milling machine. To localize production of these parts, concern invested 600 thousand euros, planning to produce at least 600 units at the Ulyanovsk plant per year. Earlier, the spindles were supplied from abroad, and now, to meet the requirements of localization, this machine unit will be produced in Ulyanovsk.
Ulyanovsk Takata Rus LLC (part of Joyson Safety Systems Corporation) intends to launch mass production of belts and airbags for the Cortege project in 2019. This was announced on Tuesday, by the company Director General Alexey Shachnev.
In Ulyanovsk, at the construction site of the Vestas plant for the production of wind turbine blades, a solemn ceremony was held to lay the time capsule. The event was attended by Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov, head of the RUSNANO Investment Division RES Alisher Kalanov, Director General of Vestas Russia Kimal Yusupov, Director General of Fortum Aleksandr Chuvaev and Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation Board of Directors Dmitry Ryabov.
The Danish Vestas shipped blades for the new Ulyanovsk wind farm with a total capacity of 50 MW to the Ulyanovsk river port. According to the company's management, the second wind farm in Ulyanovsk and in Russia will be ready for industrial operation this December, by which time Vestas will complete its plant in Ulyanovsk and start serial production of blades for wind turbines next year. According to experts, the company has good prospects, since its partner — the Fortum RUSNANO joint fund has developed a program for the construction of wind farms for 1.8 GW. There is only one risk: cutting off the state support for the construction of wind farms after 2024

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