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Republic of Bashkortostan
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The Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Bashkortostan
The Minister: Novikov Sergey Vladimirovich
Address: 450101, the city of Ufa, 46 Tukaeva Str.
Tel.: +7 (347) 280-83-06
Fax: +7 (347) 250-41-71
Time zone: Москва +2


The Republic of Bashkortostan Development Corporation, JSC
Director General: Golov Oleg Yevgenievich
Address: 450057, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the city of Ufa, 110 Pushkina Str.
Tel.: +7 (347) 214-90-70



In the Abzelilovsky District of Bashkiria, the construction of an enterprise for the production of dry mixes of the Austrian company Lasselsberger has commenced. Foundation works have been started in the territory of the future plant, at the same time fencing is being installed, roads are being laid inside the site.
The Vietnamese TH Group will establish a dairy complex in Bashkiria including a farm and a dairy processing plant, the implementation of the investment project has started already. Ngo Đức Mạnh, the ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Russia, told about it on Monday during his first working visit to a constituent subject of the Russian Federation.
US biotech major Amgen (Nasdaq: AMGN) has announced its plans to establish the production of its antitumor drug blinatumomab at the facilities of Russian Pharmstandard next year, according to the companies, reports The Pharma Letter’s local correspondent.
Jiangxi Yuan Yang WeiLi Industrial Co., Ltd. to launch a plant for the production of fiber cement plates in Kumertau. The investment will amount to 650 million rubles.
The EcoNiva Agriholding, the largest dairy producer in Russia, founded by Stefan Dürr, a German businessman, intends to establish three dairy complexes in Bashkiria for 11.6 thousand cows. The group estimates the investments in the project to amount to RUB 7.6 bln. In future, EcoNiva may consider construction of processing facilities but now they intend to sell milk to the local processor, the Belebeevsky Dairy Combine that came under control of the French cheese producer Savencia Fromage & Dairy in the beginning of the year.
The list of the Bashkortostan priority investment projects has been added with two facilities with a total amount of investment of about 1.5 billion rubles and 168 new jobs.

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