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Administration of Tomsk Region / Investment Department
Director: Deputy Head of Department — Anna Yaroslavovna Porovskaya
Address: 634050, Tomsk Region, Tomsk, pl. Lenina, 14
Tel.: +7 (3822) 516-787,+7 (3822) 517-708
Fax: 8-3822-510-323
Time zone: Moscow +3



Chinese Sunn Yuan will invest $ 20 million in doubling the production at Sibirles, LLC, joint venture. This was said by Andrey Knorr, the region’s Deputy Governor. Sibirles produces seven thousand cubic meters of veneer and thirty thousand cubic meters of sawn timber and blanks per month for IKEA, which also operates in the Chinese market, he said.
RosKitInvest CJSC (an AVIC Forestry investor company) is planning to start, in 2017, constructing, in Tomsk Region, its activated charcoal or large pellet plant, according to the information provided to RIA Tomsk by the Company CEO.
The French Auchan hypermarket chain will consider two sites for its first projects in the Tomsk Region. This information was reported by the press office of the regional administration.
MOJE Keramik-Implantate, the resident of the special economic zone (SEZ) Tomsk, plans to launch the production of prosthetic implant parts for major joints, including knee and hip joints. The press office of the Administration of the Tomsk Region has reported this information today.
MOJE Keramik-Implantate launches comprehensive production of its implants in Tomsk, NIA Tomsk has been told in Tomsk Region Administration PR Service.
The Chinese AVIC Forestry started the second of 10 plants of the Asinovsky wood park in the Tomsk Region - a wood mill with the capacity of 150 thousand cubic meters, Deputy General Director of Roskitinvest (AVIC Forestry’s subsidiary) Boris Kaznacheyev told TASS today.

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