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Паспорт Тамбовской области
RU 2015
OJSC "Corporation for Development of Tambov Region"
Director: Maksim Aleksandrovich Pakhomov
Address: 392012, Russia, Tambov, ul. Sovetskaya, 6, office 371a
Tel.: 8 (905) 048-15-82
Time zone: Moscow +0



Агрокомплекс им. Н. И. Ткачева может стать мажоритарным владельцем "Тамбовской сахарной компании". Она строит Мордовский сахарный завод, который по своей проектной мощности — 12 тыс. тонн свеклы в сутки — должен стать крупнейшим в стране. С ним Агрокомплексу удастся войти в пятерку лидеров российского сахарного рынка.
Austrian investors will construct their leather plant in the Tambov Region. According to the regional administration, investments into the plant construction will amount EUR 15MM and create 1.2 thousand jobs in the region.
The groundbraking ceremony was held in Tambov region for the Auchan's meet processing plant.
Joint projects are to be based on the research and production enterprise that would include 4 Tambov enterprises of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation.
The company explained that the acquisition of the plant will allow Saint-Gobain to expand the scale of production and to strengthen its leadership position in the market of thermal insulation materials in Russia and CIS.
Final construction phase of the Tambov Turkey facility (Cherkizovo Group in partnership with Spain’s Grupo Fuertes) begins in Tambov Region. The meeting in Pervomaisky District celebrated beginning of the final phase of the project that was launched by Cherkizovo Group in 2012 in partnership with Spain’s Grupo Fuertes, that country’s major producer of turkey meat. Investments in the project will total RUB 7.27 bn and the new facility is scheduled to be launched in December 2015, with its annual capacity projected to reach 40,000 tonnes of turkey meat.

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