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Паспорт Ставропольского края
RU 2015
"Sue the Management company of investment and innovative development of the Stavropol territory"
Director: Gorbenko Alexandr Sergeevich
Address: City of Stavropol, Lenina st, 93, 3rd floor
Tel.: +7 (8652) 29-01-34
Fax: +7 (8652) 29-01-38
Time zone: Moscow +0



The German Petkus Technologie GmbH intends to launch a corn-sizing plant in the Izobilnoye District of the Stavropol Territory. Their co-investor is the American Remington, as the Corporation for the Development of the Stavropol Territory told Kommersant-Yug. To date, investors have found a 30 ha land plot for construction in the village of Solnechnodolsk. The amount of investments in the project will be about RUB 2 billion.
Germany’s Agravis Raiffaisen AG plans to expand the production of agricultural mixed fodders in the territory of the Stavropol Territory. This became known after the meeting of the Governor of Stavropol Vladimir Vladimirov with the Member of the Board Dirk Bensmann, as reported by the Press Office of the Head of the region.
Stavropol Auto to be launched in the spring of 2017 will be engaged in the assembly of Great Wall and Iveco cars.
An Azerbaijani stakeholder intends to invest $ 40 million in the construction of a modern resort in Kislovodsk.
Siemens Healthcare will participate in the implementation of the project of an innovative medical cluster on the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters (CMW).
The Azerbaijani investor that opened the spa resort Istochnik in Essentuki in 2016 plans to build one more tourist facility of this kind in Kislovodsk. Vladimir Vladimirov, Governor of the Stavropol Krai, has communicated the news to journalists today.

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