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Паспорт Астраханской области
RU 2015
Investment Development Agency of Astrakhan Region
Director: Gilyana Gerasimovna Boskhomdjieva, Vladimir Vladimirovich Povalyaev Deputy director
Address: 414000, Astrakhan, ul. Sovetskaya, 14
Tel.: (8512) 51-13-43
Time zone: Moscow +0



A new Russian-Chinese joint venture will produce CNC machines in Astrakhan. Today Director General of Machine Building Association DWT LLC Andrey Davydov told the journalists about it. At the first stage 30% of parts of the machines produced in Astrakhan will be of the Russian make and 70% of Chinese make. Later the share of local parts is expected to increase to 50%, then to 70%.
“IHC Mervede”, the company from Netherlands will construct a ship-building plant to clean and deepen water reservoirs. The agreement on the project implementation has been signed by the SEZ management and the “IHC Mervede” at Europort – 2015, one of largest shipbuilding exhibitions, which was held on 2-6 November in Rotterdam.
Knauf plant to develop gypsum deposit with reserves for 100 years. CJSC Knauf Gips Baskunchak will start developing the Koshara-Turgay deposit located to the north of Lake Baskunchak in the Astrakhan Region before the end of the year, Knauf Gips Baskunchak General Director Sergey Michkov told journalists.
Japanese-Russian plant producing glycyrrhizic acid from the licorice root will be built up in Krasnoyarsk district of Astrakhan Region by the end of the year, as the press office of the Regional Government informs TASS. Its launch is planned for 2016.
Turkey’s Hatboru is set to open a steel tube making plant in the Astrakhan region to market them across Russia and the Caspian states, the region’s govenor’s press office said.
Glycyrrhizic acid plant to open in Astrakhan Region in 2016. A Japanese-Russian plant that will produce glycyrrhizic acid from licorice roots is to open in the Astrakhan Region in 2016. Total investment will amount to approximately RUB 65 million, Eduard Yaksybayev, the head of the financial and economic department of the Krasnoyarsky District Administration where the plant is to be built, told TASS today.

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