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State Autonomous Institution of Pskov Region "Investment Development Agency of Pskov Region"
Director: Evgenia Valerievna Smirnova
Address: 180001, Russian Federation, Pskov, ul. Lenina, 1
Tel.: +7 (8112)622400
Time zone: Moscow +0


Open Joint Stock Company "Moglino Special Industrial and Production Economic Zone"
Director: Olga Vladimirovna Torbich
Address: 180001, Russian Federation, Pskov, ul. Lenina, 17
Tel.: (8112) 66-40-80
Time zone: Moscow +0



The investor with Finnish interest Nor-Maali LLC has launched its paint production within the Moglino special economic zone in Pskov Region.
Sarstedt, a manufacturer of laboratory and medical equipment from Nümbrecht, can become a resident of the Moglino Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Pskov Region. 
Two fuel pellet production plants will be built in the Pskov Region at a total cost of EUR 25-30 million. Phase 1 of the project will be implemented in 2017, the regional administration’s press service reported today following a meeting of the Regional Investment Council.
The Moglino Special Economic Zone completed the construction of industrial paint and varnish production plant The investor with Finnish capital – Nor-Maali, LLC – will put into operation the paint and varnish plant in the Pskov Region. Investments in the project amounted to 400 million rubles. In the North-West Federal District, there are large paint and varnish (P&M) production facilities of foreign players, and against their background, the Nor-Maali’s plant with a production capacity of about 1 thous. tons per year can be considered small. Nevertheless, as soon as in 2018, the new plant will substitute the entire Not-Maali paint imports from the Finland-based enterprise.
“The two investors plan to lay the foundations of their factories by the end of May. German (Storch-Ciret Holding, production of plastering and painting tools - TASS’s note) and Finnish (Nor-Maali Oy - TASS’s note) investors, who are planning to create equipment and paint products plants, will enter the sites of the Special Economic Zone” quoted the administration of Sergey Pernikov, Deputy Governor.

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