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Паспорт Пензенской области
RU 2015
OJSC "Corporation for Development of Penza Region"
Director: Irina Anatolievna Eryomkina
Address: Penza, Kuraeva, 36A
Tel.: +7(8412) 68-08-37
Time zone: Moscow +0



Damate, Aviagen Turkeys and the Government of the Penza Region have agreed on breeding a parent stock of turkeys. They signed a letter of intent that provides for building a facility for the production of turkey hatching eggs in the region, as reported by Damate. The facility will become the first Russia’s enterprise constructed by Avigen in this segment. Under the terms of the document, the parties will joint their efforts to mobilize financial, credit, material and other resources. At the first stage, the amount of investment will be €25 million, the Penza Region’s Government explained. Initially, the project is designed for the production of 8 million eggs per year, but in the future, Aviagen expects to increase it three or four times, according to Clay Burrows, the Aviagen Turkeys’ CEO.
German investors may localize in Russia the production of 3D printed prostheses, with the relevant negotiations being conducted with the German side, Yuri Stetsenko, Russia's trade representative in Germany, said to the RNS.
Liu Guoqiang, the Director General of the Shemysheika Industrial Complex, who is also an agent of Junenda, a Beijing Electric Engieering Company, told Ivan Belozertsev about their plan to put about 30 thousand hectares of land into a crop rotation in the Penza Region and to construct three factories for production of flour, oil and potato processing.
The governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev and Junenda Beijing electrical company signed in China an agreement on cooperation, which covers the construction of a complex of enterprises for processing vegetable oil, flour, starch, granary, vegetable store, etc. in the Otvel industrial park, within next three years, said Dina Cheryomushkina, the Governor’s press-secretary.
Tamalinskiy district According to Ivan Belozertsev, the first of these facilities was built by Turkish company Agsen Property in 2004.
The Leader medica SRL company (Italy) considers the possibility of establishing a joint venture for the production of dental implants in the Penza Region, as reported by the press office of the regional government.

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