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Lipetsk region

Lipetsk region
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Foreign investors
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OJSC "Corporation for Development of Lipetsk Region"
Director: Alexander Mikhaylovich Narolin
Address: 398016, Lipetsk Region, Lipetsk, per. Popova, 5.
Tel.: (4742) 355-155
Fax: (4742) 355-724
Time zone: Moscow +0



The subsidiary of Honeywell International of the USA, System Sensor Technologies LLC, is planning to launch its Lipetsk SEZ plant in December this year.
Groppalli, the Italian manufacturer of utility products, has submitted its documents to the supervisory council of Lipetsk SEZ to become its resident, the VP of the Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Russia, Vittorio Torrembini reported to Abireg.
OBO Bettermann Production, LLC and Wissman Lipetsk, LLC began designing new production sites to be built next year in the “Lipetsk” Special Economic Zone. According to the Agency’s source, Wissman Lipetsk plans to manufacture premium wall-mounted boilers at their new production site. The details of the project have not yet been disclosed. Now, manufacturer produces low pressure boilers up to 6 MW running on liquid and gaseous fuels (Vitomax 100-LW and Vitomax 200-LW).
Doka Lipetsk LLC intends to build its plant for production of form systems, the press function of the special economic zone reports.
The Horsch agricultural machinery production plant in the Chaplygin District has double its production volumes. Today, it opened a new shop. The solemn ceremony was attended by the Company’s managers from German, as well as clients representing large agricultural enterprises from all over Russia.
Lipetsk Greenhouse Structures Plant (LZTK, LLC), in the construction of which the Dutch KGP B.V. had invested about 2.2 bln rubles, was launched on Wednesday in the “Lipetsk” Special Economic Zone, as reported by the regional administration.

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