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Паспорт Кировской области
RU 2015
OJSC "Corporation for Development of Kirov Region"
Director: Ivan Iosifovich Gaiduk
Address: 610042, Kirov, ul. Narodnaya, 28
Tel.: (8332) 411-960
Time zone: Moscow +1


Open Joint Stock Company "Agency for Territorial Development of Kirov Region"
Director: Rysev Oleg Vadimovich
Address: 610002, Kirov, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 17, 2 floor, office 201
Tel.: (8332) 64-00-28
Fax: (8332) 70-83-19
Time zone: Moscow +0



The Russian pharmaceutical producer Pharmstandard, National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio, part of Rostekh) and the Italian pharmaceutical company Kedrion Biopharma have become founders of Kirov Plasma JSC, located on the territory of the unfinished Kirov plant for the production of blood products Rosplazma.
Teva, an Israeli pharma producer, localizes its production at the facilities of Russian Nanolek, a Rosnano portfolio company. Representatives of both companies informed Vedomosti that the companies have executed their agreement to the effect on 27 September.
At the SPIEF, Italian Danieli And Kirov Non Ferrous Plant signed an agreement on establishment in the Kirov Region of a micro-foundry for 14 bln rubles.
Italian company Pirelli will invest circa RUB 1 bn into the development of Kirov Tire Plant by late 2016, according to the Kirov Region Government's Press service.
National Immunobiological Company (state-owned corporation Rostech) signed an agreement with Italian Kedrion on the establishment of a joint venture on the bases of the Kirov complex and on transfer of technology as well as on the purchase from Belarus Farmland of a share in the Minsk enterprise producing human plasma preparations. The total project investment amount will be over 5.5 bln rubles. The site in Minsk will be launched in 2018 and will be capable of processing 150 tonnes of plasma per annum with further increase to 450 tonnes. The production in Kirov will begin in 2019 and will process 600 tonnes of plasma.
The government of the Kirov Region, the Kirov Metallurgical Plant and the Italian company Danieli will sign an agreement for 14 billion rubles on the construction of a regional metallurgical mini-plant at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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