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These functions are performed by the Economics Directorate of the Government of Jewish Autonomous Province
Director: Head of Economics Directorate — Galina Valerievna Sokolova, Head of Investment Policy Department of the Directorate — Svetlana Eduardovna Shevchenko
Address: 679000, JAP, Birobidzhan,prospekt 60-letiya USSR, 18
Tel.: 8 (42622) 20156 – Head of the Directorate,8 (42622) 41597 – Head of Investment Policy Department of the Directorate
Time zone: Moscow +7



Joybay Agricultural Holding Limited, a Chinese company, is investing $120 million in construction of a plant for a deep processing of soybeans and the production of soy protein isolate in Russia.
Russia completed all internal processes and started the very construction of a railway passage to PRC across the Amur river, said the ambassador atheist of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yevgeniy Tomikhin to journalists.
The Chinese Joybay Agricultural Holding Limited, specializing in agriculture, plans to build a plant for deep processing of soybeans and for production of soy protein isolates with a capacity up to 30 thousand tons per year in the Jewish Autonomous Area (JAA). This became known during the Beijing meeting of Aleksandr Galushka, the Minister for the Development of the Far East, with Zhen Jiangcha, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Joybay Agricultural Holding. The total investment in the project is estimated at $ 120 million.

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