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Паспорт Республики Бурятия
RU 2015
Non-Profit Institution "Regional Development Fund of the Republic of Buryatia"
Director: Mikhail Mikhailovich Egorov
Address: Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, ul. Babushkina, 14а.
Tel.: (3012) 455-046,455-485
Time zone: Moscow +5



The Government of the Republic and the Japanese investors are already working together on implementing the project of a waste incineration plant. The cost of this unique construction is estimated at 6.5 billion rubles.
The Chinese investor intends to invest more than 750 million rubles in a timber processing facility in Buryatia. The government of the republic said that the relevant agreement on intent has been signed today by Alexey Tsydenov, the region’s head, and Li Shubo, TK-Jenkei CEO.
В Улан-Удэ компания «Зелень» приступила к строительству первого тепличного комплекса. Уже в следующем году на рынок Бурятии поступит первая партия экологически чистой сельхозпродукции: помидоры, огурцы, баклажаны, зеленые культуры. Всего планируется построить три тепличных комплекса, которые позволят выращивать более 6 тысяч тонн основных овощных культур на площади в 10 га.
A solemn ceremony dedicated to laying the first stone in the foundation of the wood processing production complex in Ulan-Ude, took place today, on September 18. The agreement on intention to implement an investment project has been signed on June 5 with the Chinese-based MTC-Jenkei, LLC. According to the Department for Information Policy of the City; the total area of the land required for the project is 30 hectares. The project will be implemented on the production site in the Ulan-Ude, the village of Taltsy.
The international company Activa (PRC) has started implementing two projects in Buryatia totalling about RUR 1 bln. The Government of the Republic has informed on this today.
CR-JenK, Russo-Chinese company, started up the first stage of its wood processing facilities in the Dzhidinsky District, Buryatia. Investment in a joint project will total RUB 1 billion.

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