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Production of smart expandable hose (SEH)

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- A trilateral Investment Agreement for the project was signed in 2011 by the Administration of Chelyabinsk Region (Yu.V. Klepov, Deputy Governor), Administration of Ozersk Municipal District and UZPT Mayak management (D.V. Alyavdin, CEO);
- The project is listed in Chelyabinsk Region’s Innovative Projects catalog;
- In 2012, the project gained the status of an “anchor” project in the plan of economic development strategy for Ozersk Municipal District;
- In 2014, the project was included in the Integrated Plan for Investment-Driven Development of Russian Monoterritories (IPIDDRM).

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As of today, the project has achieved the following results: - pilot production of hoses with diameter up to 100mm, length up to 200 mm and expansion coefficient Kp up to 30% has been launched within industrial spaces of UZPT Mayak in 2014; - in 2010, international experts working at the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) in Moscow estimated the US market of SEH totaling up to $5 bln for the period until 2020; - on 27 February 2013, a decision to “consider the use of smart hose technology for heat supply network of JSC MOEK” was passed at the International Committee of JSC Moscow United Energy Company (JSC MOEK). In the Innovation Committee presentation, MOEK stated the scope of demand for SEH to be used for recovery of heat supply networks that are in service and require urgent repair with overall length of 3,700 km. Trials of SEH at JSC MOEK site District Heat Station South Butovo is currently in completion; - the following resolution was made at the meeting of Science and Technology Council of JSC Mosgaz on 15 March 2013: “worn gas pipeline recovery technology proposed by UZPT Mayak may be of interest to JSC Mosgaz.” Subject to a verbal request, over 22 km of gas pipelines were proposed for repairs in 2013.
Collaboration with RF development institutions: - As of July 2011, the project has been a resident of Skolkovo Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster (Appendix 11, 11.1). In September 2011, Head of EET Cluster filed a request for project support to Production Association Mayak; - In October 2013, UZPT Mayak became member of the Inter-Industry Association of Nano Producers (part of RUSNANO) due to the SEH project.
Technology partners: Key technology partner is Federal State Unitary Enterprise Production Association Mayak, which performs radiation-driven modification of polymer subproducts of UZPT Mayak for subsequent production of SEH in pursuance of the existing contract. Following a technical meeting at Production Association Mayak in 2010, a decision was made to “design, manufacture and produce a new irradiation facility at FSUE PA Mayak with support of UZPT Mayak for the production of Smart Expandable Hose.” In July 2013, subject to Resolution No. 23 passed at the plant’s technical meeting of 2010, FSUE PA Mayak installed the new high-performance irradiation facility (property of UZPT Mayak) designed for production of expandable hose. Copyrights: the project is covered by three RF patents and one German patent.


At the moment, there are no materials in the world capable of restoring hot water pipeline systems on an industry scale. Development of the SEH project will potentially enable supplies of SEH technology to overseas markets.

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Project ID02/78/15

Region of Russian Federation, Area
Chelyabinsk Region
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456780, Chelyabinsk Region, Ozersk, Krasnoarmeyskaya St. 5, Bld. 3

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of the shareholder
Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Alyavdin, CEO
Contact person, telephone number
Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Alyavdin, Tel./Fax: 7(35130)7-28-08
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