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Construction of the engineering, hotel and entertainment infrastructure, bank revetment.

Project at-a-glance

Project highlights
Project indicators
Investment target and overview

The Youth recreation center “PortOle!” is a large-scale resort hotel and entertainment facility, youth theme summer holiday park of international level located on the sea shore.
The developed entertainment, sports and exhibition infrastructure is complemented by the low-rise accommodation facilities (1,700 hotel rooms for 5,000 people), the best beach complex and the program of versatile recreational and educational opportunities.
The capacity of YRC is more than 450 thousand people per season (70 thousand people with the hotel accommodation in YRC, over 400 thousand one-day visitors of the entertainment summer holiday park).
YRC has the following main parameters: the area of the resort: 168 hectares, the total area of the constructed buildings shall be about 85,000 square meters, the area of the open sites: more than 139,000 square meters.
The wide range of the most diverse activities and entertainment: sports, beach recreation, exhibitions, art events, educational programs, competitions, festivals, concerts, etc. are constantly represented in “PortOle!”

THE MISSION: to create a new standard for youth recreation in Russia – the quality, availability, variety.

THE STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: to become a summer youth “capital” – the center of the summer life of the country, the Russian youth's prime choice for the summer holiday, the venue for the largest, key summer events in the main areas of youth culture (music, sports, modern art), the significant contemporary Russian brand in public life and the powerful “anchor of patriotism.”

Total required investment, USD mln
Investor's equity capital
Investor's debt capital (by sources)
Budgetary funds (guarantees)
Use of proceds
New construction
Renovation/upgrade of existing assets
Project design
Preferred investment structure
Information about co-investors (names, investment share):
Ratio if equity in total capital, %
Project status. Available documents (yes/no)
Business idea
Preliminary research
Project feasibility study
Market research
Project design documentation
Financial model
Business plan
Project launch and closure, years

2012 – land plot searching and buying;
2013-2015 – YRC design;
2015-2017 – 1 stage of YRC construction;
2017-2018 – 2 stage of YRC construction;
2018-2019 – 3 stage of YRC construction;
2019 – resort works at full capacity.

Official materials in support of the projects (decrees of either the federal or regional government, letters from local government, provision of incentives, etc.)

1. The project was approved by the administration authorities of the Krasnodar Territory and the Temryuk District, whereby the Tripartite Agreement on intent in the sphere of realization of the Capital investment project in the Krasnodar Territory was signed on September 21, 2012 at the Economic Forum in Sochi;
2. The location of the object was agreed on December 17, 2013 at the meeting of the interdepartmental expert investment committee under the administration of the Krasnodar Territory;
3. According to the Decision No. 335 of 03.04.2014 of the administrative authority of the Fontalovskoye settlement of the Temryuk District, the location of the designed object was under the Land Use and Development Rules of the Fontalovskoye settlement.
4. The Project is consistent with the objectives of the long-term regional target program, approved by the Directive No. 400 of the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory dated 27.05.2010 on “Development of the health resort and tourist complex of the Krasnodar Territory” for 2011–2017 years, and the Scheme of the territorial planning of the Krasnodar Territory as a backup tourism cluster.
5. The Project is consistent with the objectives of the Strategic Plan for the development of the MS Temryuk District on the creation of the high-yield, high-performance resort and tourist facility with a modern material and technical base and effective management practices with the annual tourist flow of at least 2.5 million people, capable of providing a wide range of tourist services by the year of 2020.

Key economic indicators
IRR (internal rate if return), %
Payback period, years
NPV (net present value), USD mln
Implementation status. Information
on available facilities/equipment

The following activities were performed:
1. The land plot for the Project was selected, acquired in possession, the extensive market research of the target audience was conducted (4,500 interviews in different cities of Russia were taken), and survey works for the competition of the architectural projects were carried out, the stage P of AP was designed, the business plan and the financial model of the Project were completed, the Town planning documentation was approved (The Rules of land use and construction of the settlements) the Development plan of the site was received.
2. The unique conceptual solution of the Youth Recreation Centre is reflected in the advanced, democratic eco-architecture by the Spanish bureau Cloud 9 (Barcelona, Spain) under the leadership of Enric Ruiz-Geli – the designer of Media-ICT (Barcelona), the world best building of 2011.
3. The leading Russian architectural studios: SPEECH Choban&Kuznetsov (Moscow, Russia), Bernaskoni (Moscow, Russia) were involved on a competitive basis in creation of the international level Project.
4. The approved Master Plan and the Land Use and Development Rules of the Fontalovskoye settlement, including the Project land plot, provide a special area for the resort complying with the agreed resort procedure and required functionality.
5. The number of survey works at the site were performed (geology, wind, depth, ecology).
6. The preliminary technical conditions for the connection of the Object to the utility networks were received.
7. The management of the company Stroyinvest Engineering (TIN 7810273471) was involved in the Project on the contractual basis. Since 1999 this company has worked as the developer of the various investment projects in the field of civil construction (apartment buildings in St. Petersburg) and large commercial real estate projects (the reconstruction of the building for the accommodation of 5 * hotel - hotel chain Jumeirah (7-9 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg), the development project of the underground space under the “Ploschad Vosstaniya” square (St. Petersburg), the reconstruction project of the New Holland Island (St. Petersburg).


The results of the implementation of the Project will be as follows:
1. The leadership in the creation of a new touristic product: the Project opens up a new business segment – the organized youth recreation, builds a new level of conditions for the meaningful and diverse leisure for the youth in Russia.
2. Educational and cultural effects of the Project: The Project will create a unique environment of the cognitive and recreational opportunities, it will be the center of attraction for the young people, keen on sports, arts, communications technology, it will raise the culture of youth summer holidays, it will play the role of information on-line and off-line platforms of the generation. Its clients, the young people, will get an open, comfortable, modern democratic medium, acquaintances, friends, and associates.
3. The creative nature of the Project: to create a rich varied summer program it is necessary to attract international event-status brands, creative arts groups and individual youth leaders, trend-setters, to develop own unique experiences.
4. The high reputation: the Project will be a natural “anchor of patriotism” – a modern high-quality project of creation of a free, open environment for the young people will show that the processes in the country are going in the desired for young people direction.
5. Attractive Project performance factors (see item Key economic indicators).

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Project ID01/23/15

Region of Russian Federation, Area
Krasnodar region
Construction & Engineering. Construction Materials
Parent company/shareholder
RealCom Portal LLC
Legal address of the shareholder, website

of. 2-H, liter A, build. 149/1, Leninskiy prospect, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 196247

Position, full name of the CEO
of the shareholder
CEO Danat Lvovich Bulavko
Contact person, telephone number
Tatiana Lavrenova, 7(812)385-55-88; +7-921-774-47-56
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