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22 November 2017

Several sites have been prepared for the investor. Total investments into the project may exceeded EUR 300 MM.

At the on-site meeting of the Regional Government in Maslyanino past weekend, the District Head Vyacheslav Yarmanov noted that Kronospan of Austria had demonstrated its interest in building, within the accelerated development territory at the junctions of three districts (Maslyanino, Cherepanovo and Suzun), its enterprise for wood processing and furniture production.

138.0 mln
Jobs: 200
Republic of Bashkortostan

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T: 49 5238 9840

Private company

Contact: Mauro Capozzo, CEO

The Kronospan group was founded in 1897 in Lungetts near Salzburg (Austria) as a family business. Today, Kronospan is one of the largest players on the global market for deep timber processing and a leading manufacturer of wood-based panels and laminated floor coverings with more than a century of experience on the market.

The Kronospan group includes 28 woodworking plants in 24 countries.