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OBO Bettermann and Wissmann to expand production

28 September 2017

OBO Bettermann Production, LLC and Wissman Lipetsk, LLC began designing new production sites to be built next year in the “Lipetsk” Special Economic Zone.

According to the Agency’s source, Wissman Lipetsk plans to manufacture premium wall-mounted boilers at their new production site. The details of the project have not yet been disclosed. Now, manufacturer produces low pressure boilers up to 6 MW running on liquid and gaseous fuels (Vitomax 100-LW and Vitomax 200-LW).

The area of the new OBO Bettermann’s site will be extended to 17 ha (the actual area of the enterprise is 6 ha). There, it is planned to carry out hot galvanizing of fittings for lighting devices. “The Bettermann Concern bought a ready-made site for 1 bln rubles. They will invest about 5 to 7 bln rubles in the new project”, the source explained.

30.0 mln
Jobs: 200
Lipetsk region

Investor profile

OBO Bettermann GmbH&Co.KG


Company's website:

T: 02373 / 89-1500

Private company


Contact: Andreas Bettermann, CEO

OBO Bettermann was founded in 1911 by Franz Bettermann to produce lighting fixture accessories. Currently, its enterprises are present in 50 countries globally producing over 30 thousand items of electro technical products.

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